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Hand foot signals/gestures

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tunaranch, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. When riding, what signals do you use (apart from indicators) to you use to signal your intentions?

    I know that:
    * Holding up a fist means slowing
    * Kicking out a leg means changing lanes (saw this for the first time today)
    * Pointing is a hazard ? (How do you point to hazard with the right hand?)

    What else? Particularly, how do you indicate to the rider behind you that you want him to overtake or take the lead?

    (Oh and I know what the bird means already, kthxverymuch)
  2. I was told that holding your pointer finger up and twirling it above yr head means police - but i guess a simple flash of the headlight gets more of yr attention ..

  3. I always do a sought of wave forward like im slapping the air if i want someone to overtake me .. They get the picture.
  4. If there is a hazard to the right, I tend to point with the foot.

    If I want the rider behind me to pass, I will wave them through and point them to the front of me.
  5. I once saw a guy with no indicators grab the throttle with his left hand and indicat with his right arm.

    It was funny to watch. :)
  6. Oh, On of my faves....

    Stand slightly on the pegs means "I'm about to fart" :LOL:
  7. Hmmm, I thought it was tapping down on the top of your helmet? That's what I do. I also thought the foot thing meant you are signalling another rider to overtake, oops.
  8. I use,
    Kicking the right foot fowards = Overtake me
    Hand up in the air = Slow down/Cops (For those behind me)
    Patting the air = Cops
  9. one arm point skywards, the other pointing down, and both feet off the pegs means shit I've highsided.. :roll:
  10. And helmet off and thumb sticking out means I've broken down again :wink:
  11. - Flat hand faced down wiped back and forwards to the side of you means that there is gravel or slippery surface and slow down. By the same token if you don't have the ability to let go of the bars, a trailed foot means the same thing.

    - Double tap (or just tapping) on the rear seat whilst in front of someone or just overtaking them means to 'follow me'.

    - Middle finger in the air is universal.
  12. Seen a few people use the 'kick' method for overtaking, but I think the wave is easier. If you want them to overtake, may as well take your hand off the throttle anyway. :p

    Pat the air or circling finger for cops - flashing headlights doesn't really get anyone's attention when they're always on...

    And I use the same methods as Koma for indicating hazards. Usually use feet though, not hands.
  13. Patting downwards means drop the pace for whatever reason.
  14. Two fingers behind the back means cover second base. Oh wait, what sport is this again?
  15. There are a lot of different signs or whatever you want to call them ....

    For me :

    Kicking foot out means over take me please

    taking foot off peg and leaving it out for a little bit means there is a hazard (leaves dirt whatever).. If it is on the right side I put my right foot out.. left side .. left foot.. Both sides .. I do a superman lol

    pushing down with my hand means slow down (police etc)

    Although I something do the one finger in the air and go in circles..

    Everybody is different.. there is no one signal for different situations.. each to their own.. except when you are crashing .. then it's OH SHIT :shock:
  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    This is hilarious. Everyone has different signals.

    Kick of right leg - i've seen you in my mirrors so you can overtake

    Patting of air or finger in a circular motion is slow down/hazard or cops (Hazard coz I met this bloke who had someone do this to him so he did slow down on the twisties only to have some twat run up his arse and cause $8500 worth of damage)

    If you want more communication get a car.