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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by T-rager, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Gpx 250
    Won't start. It's been running fine until last night when engine wouldn't turn. Found that the fuel tap was on reserve so clicked it over to on and it started. Ran perfectly. Until this morning when I tried to start it and the same thing would happen.

  2. Might just be out of fuel. A lot of the older type bikes have a broken reserve inlet in the tank, which means that when you think you're down to reserve, you're actually empty. Just try and wobble the bike a bit to hear if there's any sloshing in the tank, or take a torch and have a look. But that would be my first guess. ;-)
  3. Plenty of fuel. First thing I checked. Mate reckons it's an issue with the spark plugs
  4. Check the basics first.
    1. Kill switch set to the correct position.
    2. Put more fuel in.
    3. Are you getting a spark?
    4. HT leads seated correctly.
    5. If still no good, report back with more details e.g. is the engine cranking at all or is it completely dead etc.
  5. I left it for an hour while I was looking up how to check spark plugs, then tried starting it again just incase and it worked.
    Startup issue in cold weather?
  6. Check the battery connection, could be loose.
  7. This. 100 times this.

    My mates HD was having trouble starting, sounded like his starter motor was going. Some times it would work - some times it wouldn't.
    Some times it would do nothing.
    He checked the battery after dealing with this shit for a month or two... Turned out it was a loose connection.
  8. +1 for harleys
  9. So we meet again. :p

    Yeah, mine rattles so much too, can hardly keep the girls off of the bike!
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