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halogen lightbulbs

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Chrisco7689, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. just two questions

    do people use them

    if i was to use the brighter not intended for road use ones could that be an excuse for insurance to bot pay claim?
  2. Normal headlights are already halogen - I assume you mean the HID xenon lights?
    Could be an excuse for insurance not to pay out with HID's given they're an illegal modification and render the bike unroadworthy, also something the cops can book you for.
  3. True, but, unless you do something really horrendous, it's unlikely to come to light.

    Boom Tish.
  4. HID's need to be fitted with a self levelling so you don't blind on coming vehicles and most after market kits don't have that so they are illegal.
  5. And since lights are something covered by an ADR even if you could find a self-levelling kit you'd still have to get the installation certified as ADR approved.
  6. I've been through this with the 4x4..

    HID lights are not legal unless they came as factory fitment. If they are fitted, the vehicle must be fitted with self levelling suspension and headlight washing devices.

    Now the formalities are out of the way... :wink:

    Some "pov-pack" vehicles are able to be easily converted as the higher end models come with HID lights, and it's relatively easy to transfer all the gear between vehicles.

    I ended up converting all my driving lights on the 4x4 to HID, but the headlights were left as standard halogens in case Mr Plod decided he wanted a chat, and as a courtesy to other road users..

    The HID conversion is one of the best things I've ever done! I'm about to upgrade again, but I'm currently running 4 x 35w 6000k H1's. I can light up street signs at 2.5km away, and there's enough light to read a book by at 1km, all while drawing less power than the standard 100w halogens (which only threw light out to about 800m). I'm looking at getting a set of 50w 5000k lights for the main driving lights, and a set of 80w 5000k lights for the "cornering" lights (which are only used in competition off-road use).

    The only dilemma is that when I kill all the driving lights (for oncoming cars etc), the standard headlights are so woefully inadequate that I'm struggling to see the road for a few seconds until my eyes catch up... :cry:
  7. thats where the danger comes in.
    if u stare at the reflection of those light all night your eyes are bound to not pick up snything outside the lights range.
    which is fine if you are rural.
    But in the city u need to be able to spot drunk pedestrains and other hazards on the side of the road where the lights dont hit

    my 2c
  8. I agree with you 100%..

    That's why I've left the headlights as halogens and only converted the driving lights. Around town the halogens are adequate (and other road users don't get hit with the "too bright" lights), it's just rural and beyond that they suck and the HID's come into their own.. :cool: