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Halls Gap Weekend

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Sir Skuffy, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. Good morning all,


    I have a commitment I am unable to break on the 20th, Nora Jones Tickets I won. So, would people object to nthe 12th and 13th of March

    OK, it is time for another Halls Gap weekend ride. The rules are simple, what goes on at the ride stays at the ride. Now for the details:

    - 19th and 20th March - Plenty of notice
    - Meeting point BP, Waurn Ponds, 10:00am - Geelong for those that do not know
    - Ride to Winchelsea and then into Lorne Via Deans Marsh
    - Lorne to Apollo Bay via GOR
    - Skeens Creek Rd to Colac - not actually entering Apollo Bay
    - Colac to Lavers Hill via the fun back way
    - Lavers Hill to Port Campbell - for Lunch
    - Port Campbell to Halls Gap - route to be determined

    We will be staying at the same location as the previous ride VTRBob had arranged. Requirements and conditions:
    - This is NOT an organised ride
    - It is a longish 2 days of riding with some long sections, but not many so it may not be suited to those who are not confident yet
    - Ride will depart the BP at 10:30am on the DOT.
    - Lunch will be had at Port Campbell pub or whatever each individual(s) decide
    - I will require FIRM commitments and accommodation payment by those wanting to attend on the 11th of March, Coffee night or before
    - Accommodation is $20/night in a shared cabin with bedding supplied
    - If you need to pull out at the last minute, your monies will be refunded.
    - IF the group is large we may need to split the group into two if necessary
    - MAP routes and predetermined meeting points will be provided to those attending on the day/morning of the ride
    - Phone numbers will also be provided in the advent of breakdown
    - Corner Man system may be applied from time to time
    - Tail Gunners (tail riders) will be identified and provided with ORANGE vests
    - Lead riders will be provided with YELLOW vests

    If you are intending on coming along, please respond to this message or PM me directly.

    Have a great day all
  2. Who's bringing the tequila?

    I'll confirm properly closer to the date but put me down as a goer.
  3. Deyago, I will bring one bottle of the GOOD quality Tequila..,.. Oh, and you spelt it wrong, it is spelt Tokillya :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Whittlesea??..that's a mighty big detour.

    Then again you could mean Winchelsea :wink:
  5. Hey Mitch
    Is there any chance of the weekend changing from that date?

    At this stage it is believed that the Netrider relief run is going to be on that date. I know I am not meant to be revealing the date as yet but there has been one little hiccup that has to be cleared and then we can officially declare the date. But it appears that it will be going on that weekend.

    It's just we would like to have as many netriders on the relief run as possible.
  6. Hi Brigette,

    Hard to change the dates and the way I look at it, first in best dressed. :D

    I have set my date and as such should have first priority. The way I look at it, let the masses decide. If the masses say the relief ride is preferred, then we will consider changing.

    ALSO, you said it is "believed" to be on that date. So, you are not sure and if you are not sure it would be logical to change your date would it not :(

    Sorry if this seems cold hearted, but I think I am being fair. :)
  7. Martry, you can still come along. You could actually drive right there and meet us? Yes, it would be boring but atleast you could join in on the laughs...

    Would be great to have you there.
  8. The reason we cant change the dates is because we have had to put in paperwork with various instutions to get approval. This is a charity fundraising event, not just a ride and therefor there is so much red tape attached to it. But there has been a lot of work placed into the organisation of this event so far with just one little stupid thing stopping us from officially announcing it.

    That's just why I mentioned the change in date.
  9. Coooool, not probs Darlin.

    It might pay to let people know in advance... Yes, I know the date is not set, but you need to indicate to people it will be toward the end of March sometime. Otherwise, people can quite easily make plans and paid for said plans and you would then lose a large group of people - possibly. :LOL:

    At this point in time, the ride is still going ahead. VAriations, may occur.
  10. I agree, I will bring it up with Vic today :D
  11. It says its not an organised ride. Looks really organised to me :). Just wondering what does 'organised ride' mean?
  12. Bob's twin , eVile boB, could be in for this ( we all know Bob cant ride for another 4 odd months ) 8)

    It's all going to come down to finances, Bc if it's a choice of Halls Gap or the SBK's for 4 days, sorry Mitchy babe but the SBK's will win hands down .

    :twisted: :p :twisted:
  13. I reckon I might be able to swing a ride on that weekend. :D :D :D

    Put me down for 1.

  14. Mine and titania's birthday weekend - and we have tickets to Cirque de Soleil :) :) :) Sorry, you won't be see'ing us on this ride :)
  15. Hi Takagawa.

    Basically, if I were to sanction an organised ride, I could be liable in the advent that something were to happen to a rider. So, it is not organised.

    Those are the dates and times I am leaving. They are also the routes I am taking so if you want to come along.. GREAT.
  16. Hey EVIL BOB.

    I am also going to the WSBK's but I am going there on works behalf.... Full access everythwere, corporate passes, accommodation, meals, etc covered......

    It would be nice if you could make the Halls gap ride though brother. Been a while since we have hung out. Just think of the good time we can give all with our riding to and from Halls Gap....
  17. hmm, okay put me down as a maybe on possibly two days. Just a few issues with my bike I need to look at before taking her on a long ride, and also I need to get those draggins. I'll get back to you before that 11th march deadline.

    I'd love a long ride though :).
  18. I'll try to get the weekend off work when I go in tonight.

    Would really like to head along to one of these.