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Halls Gap Caravan Park suck

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CodeBlueChick, May 10, 2005.

  1. Just remember when you are booking for the main Halls Gap Caravan Park that :
    a. they will offer you the booking, then take someone else's booking
    b. call you to tell you that they don't check their email everyday thats why they booked someone else instead of you (v. helpful!)
    c. they dont give a shit about you as a customer and know how to ruin your weekend :?

    That's about sums it up, in the past they have been good but obviously there is a lack of communication btn the people running it.. and yes, I am pmsing as well.. so hell will freeze over before I trust them EVER AGAIN. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. halls Gap

    Can, however, thoroughly recommend the Hall's Gap Youth Hostel. Stayed there with 4 m/c mates during the Christmas Holidays. It was raining when we arrived and the people running the place couldn't do enough to help us. AND it cost $27 to stay the night there, in a warm, comfortable room.
  3. can i watch
  4. been there in two years ago... and stayed in a tent at the many many tent sights in the national park $5 per nite?? Best camping ever!!
  5. Try Tim's place at halls gap about $40p/n has room for bike in his shed.
  6. Colonial Motel was great and we were able to park our bikes under the barbeque area... rate wasn't bad either but it was September so it was the quiet season
  7. If it was only a matter of camping/finding a place to stay then I wouldn't be so pissed.... was after a particular accomodation. They suck. :shock:
  8. A dirty weekend ruined ey?

    I hate it when that happens :)
  9. Hrmm...we usually go to the Grampian Gardens (100 metres down the road from the pub). They bend over backwards if you say you're from the regular biker group (us :D). They usually know which one to reserve for us (the ones closest to the pub, what else? :twisted:)
  10. The rooms are obviously set up to have a bucket and hose used on them then.
  11. Not a happy camper (no pun intended. Well, actually, there was...)

    When I book accomodation for our rides, I get the numbers firmed up. Ring up. Book. If a deposit is required, I give them my Visa number. Usually they just keep it on record. I then fax off a list of the attendees and and prefered shared sleeping arrangement. Then like I do with any airline booking, I call up to reconfirm a coupla days before we go there.

    Have never had any issues, thankfully.
  12. Well, I've never had any issues before..but when something goes amiss obviously they are incabable of actually addressing the issue with any helpfulness....Cherie called me back to specifically tell me that they dont check their emails "every day" why bother have an email booking system if they don't actually frigging use it.. and why call me back to point that out if they weren't going to HELP me..
    Incompetence pisses me off :twisted: :p
  13. Yes, and the pub too, even let him do his Grandpa Simpson impersonation with his underwear.......how you can pull them all the way up to your chin is beyond me :LOL: :p :LOL:
  14. I love the Halls Gap Caravan Park!