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Hallo forum users

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Patroontjie, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. I have been riding since I was 7. My first motorcycle was a +- 1986 YZ80. Then owned a RS125 and now I don't have my own but do ride mum's(spokiesv) SV650 every now and again. And dad(hubby) has a GSX1400.

    Hope to meet and greet great people.

  2. Your dad is your hubby????
  3. My dad is not my hubby, but hubby is my dad
  4. Nope he is a goonie!
  5. from tassie i spose.
  6. Bit west of Tassie, phil01.

    G'day, Pattern one (According to google translate :)), enjoy your time here.
  7. Yeah fridgy, he is a lil bit of a goonie. What do you mean from tassie??
  8. They like to keep the genes "in the family" so to speak.
  9. Welcome Pat

    You have a great pedigree there!!
  10. Fingers crossed I can join the next trip on my own two wheels.(Triumph675R)
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  11. Thank you everyone for greeting Patroontjie. This is Spokiesv and Hubbies little boy, wel 22 and tall is not little but for me he wil always be little.
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  12. Jesus Christ.....another one of your clan on the goonies run? I think i'll give up trying to keep up now and just invest in a gps :facepalm:

    welcome pat....I apologise in advance for the amount of random bullshit that is talked from myself and certain other's when intoxicated on the goonies runs....but surely with your parents influence you'll fit in nicely. (y)
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  13. So the next goonies run will actually be a spokie and hubby family run!
  14. Now that sounds good to me. A Spokie & hubby & Patroontjie run with the goonies as backup riders
  15. lol it's not our fault we grew up with these speed limits !
  16. Crisis its actually worse for us now we have to keep to speed
    Iimits, where we came from speed limits is only for cages
  17. so....slower riding = more dangerous? if it was anyone else i wouldn't believe it :p

    na i know what you mean miss.