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Half-tinted visor??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. I have a Nitro 150 helmet. On Monday, riding into the sun for a few hours along the highway then the Monsah, the sun was punishing, even with Polaroid prescription sunnies.
    Does anyone make a visor with a tinted strip at the top, like car windscreens, that suit the Nitro helmet (seems like a standard sort of attachment method)???

  2. Sorry Hornet I don't know of one but an easy solution would be windscreen tinting it would work just the same, and you could put on the sized strip you want.
  3. I get that on my way home from work, only going to get worse in summer.

    Like the idea of a half tinted visor, I was thinking of getting a fully tinted one but the last part of my ride home is in the dark.

    Can you get a reaction visor, the the sun glasses that get darker in bright sun light ?
  4. I bought an antifog visor insert that does the transition thing. Never put it in as it reduces visibility around the edges of the visor where it sticks on but it did the transitiony thing pretty well.
  5. I have seen cans of "spray on" window tint in some of the auto stores (an essential accesory for any "primer grey" Commodore :LOL:). Don't know if it'd be safe to use on a plastic visor though, or if it's anything more than just watered-down black spraypaint.
  6. Where did you get it from ?

  7. The now defunct Suzuki dealership on Flemington Road in Melbourne. I'm off to Sydney for a week today but if you still need the info when i get back i'll post the details off the packaging.

  8. Hey that dark strip of plastic is a great idea, filed for near future reference, thanks Ross.
  9. I'd go to a car window tinting business & enquire. They would probably do it for the cost of a few beers.

    Maybe a few more on top of that.
  10. I should have read LPCIII post. (I'm just echoing the same).
  11. I've used the FogCity Hyper Optik light reactive visor on my Arai helmet. It was pretty easy to fit and handled the setting sun pretty well.
    It wasn't quite dark enough to handle sunlight direct from the horizon but as I found out this weekend neither is a full tint black visor.
    The sun over Lukey Heights at 5.30pm is blinding. :cool:
  12. Check out www.super-visor.com then scroll down to the bottom of the page. look for the link!
  13. Hey TC, when did you sneak in? And a Hornet rider into the bargain. AND a New South Welshman! Tops.

    Welcome and thanks for that useful link, I solved the problem temporarily with a strip of black duct tape, but it looks ugly, and I need a proper solution.....