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Half Price Berik race suits and Jackets - 2 and 1 piece

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by goz, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    OK, for those interested, Actions Parramatta are having a Half Million Dollar clearout on Berik Jackets, 2 and 1Pc suits, absolute bargain..

    I went today and purchased a Berik Capirex Cow/Kangaroo White Blue&Red 1Pc Leather Suit for $799, was $1600, ive seen them for $1495 at other shops, so $799 is a steal

    This is my one


    You can go to the shop, try them on and buy it there, or u can buy it online, they have heaps in stock so get in quick...
    Im absolutely stoked :) Track days here i come

  2. Legend !!!
    Nice suit dude...might get online and check this out. Exactly what my Xmas pressie was planned to be ;)
    Thanks for posting (y)
  3. Just in time for christmas!

  4. thats what mine was, a present :)

  5. at that price mate, get on it
  6. If I knew what size fit best I'd be all over this... bugger!
  7. Does your arse look big in it mate? :)
  8. lolol my mrs said it looks massive, all suits do that to your arse though :D

  9. give them a call and give them your measurements or go to a local store and try 1 on
  10. Heh... my "local" store option is probably 5+ hours away. Won't be over that way until just after Xmas.

    I may have to dig up a tape and take some measurements. It's pretty much guaranteed some post-purchase tailoring will be required, I'm a 6ft1in stick figure! :D
  11. im 6ft2 100 kilo, i got a size 60, fits like a glove, but ye, call them, they where very helpful today, just by looking at me, he said try a 60, so he knows his stuff
  12. This is from actions, should help you

  13. anyone else get in on it?
  14. Mate,
    Called the Para' store yesterday (couldn't get through to City one...business MUST be booming!) and proceeded to mention my interest in the White/Grey/Red Capirex 1 piece suit.
    The salesman, even after detailing all my measurements was honest (common sense) in advising me to search a local store in Melbourne, try the suit on, then proceed with ordering through them.
    Very sound advice, though not what I wanted to hear - was in an impulse-buying mood :)
    He did mention they've still got plenty of suits available in both the blue (yours) and grey, in most sizes.
    Now, only to jump in my boat here in Melbourne, and paddle up to the nearest Berik stockist !
  15. when u compare prices with the 1 you try on down your way, your impulse mood will come back to you lol

    Let me rub it in :D

  16. So true mate ! Especially after the rains we've had/having..do I hear stock damage ? Insurance claims ?
    Whoop Whoop ! Time to buy from Sydney !
  17. they look like nice suits! Now all you people with draggins got no excuse :p

    Get your Power Ranger on people!
  18. its got a nice big back hump also for extra safety, a lot of "cheaper" suits dont supply the hump
  19. My wallet's been bashing me in the head (hint ?) ever since you posted the 'rub in' picture Goz :)
  20. ahhh u wont regret it, once u got 1, u wont need another 1 for a long time, they get better with age