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Half decent rides around Central Vic

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Kenny, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone is aware of any decent rides within a couple of hours of Central Vic(Bendigo area)?

    I try to get on the road as often and for as long as possible but between work and kids can normally only manage a few hours at a time which sucks when I'm a few hours from anywhere decent :( .

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :grin:
  2. You should be able to find a few being on the Melbourne side of Bendigo. Echuca sucks it's all dead flat straight roads around here bar one or two. I know going across from Seymour, Yea, Yarra Glen into Melbourne near Lillydale there are some good winding roads. Guess a lot of it depends how far you want to travel
  3. Thanks Dane75, I know the flat and straight feeling all too well but i will keep in mind the rides you mentioned and be sure to check them out if i get te chance
  4. have you tried castlemaine down to daylesford then trentham, blackwood and ballan?
  5. Have not tried this yet but will be sure to first chance I get thanks
  6. The road from Trentham to Woodend, Lancefield, is also a nice ride.
  7. Tried it yeterday absolutley awsome ride apart from nearly getting blown off my bike, thanks, Will being doing that ride again
  8. hey kenny if u want ive heard that their is a ride group that goes the thrid sundi of every month down there maybe give them a go might give u some ideas. im i member of a similar type one in swan hill and we go all over the place
  9. sorry forgot to mention that ours is more a social group we dont have leather like that lot but we are pretty much the same lol
  10. Thanks, I'll look into that :grin:
  11. Head East. Once you cross the Hume there are heaps of great roads, to north and south of Yea. :wink:
    Some okay ones around Pucka and west of Broadford, too, if you look for them.
  12. Must suck owning a sports bike in Swan Hill?! :) My brother got around on a GPX250 there and there wasn't much cornering to be had. It's the sort of country that big cruisers are made for. I'm riding up there next week (from Melbourne) - home to Nyah, riding nice back roads most of the way.
  13. The trip down to Ballarat is fairly quiet, if you go through Newstead, Maldon, Smeaton and Creswick. Some pretty good variation: bush around Maldon (stop at the pie shop) rolling hills arould Smeaton and towards Creswick. If you want to miss Ballarat, you could then go through Clunes, Maryborough and Dunolly and across to Bendigo. For a longer ride, head to Maryborough, Avoca, Ararat and then in to the Grampians, returning via Stawell & St Arnaud. These are all good roads, but not highways. Watch for police on the Western Highway, particularly around Ararat. I know most of these roads fairly well, but from a car perspective. Should be pretty good on a bike. You see a lot of bikes up around Halls Gap having a fair bit of fun. I rode a pushie down the mountain there - great fun.

    Edit: sorry, just noticed your from Maldon - you probably already know the pie shop!!
  14. Mt Alexander (north of Harcourt, the hill with the TV towers on it) isn't a bad run although only 5km from the Sutton Grange Rd to the top.

    Just need to watch out for fallen trees and bark on windy days and Skippy & his mates can get in the way.

    Google Street Veiw
  15. another half decent ridis from trentham through to greendale it got some half decent and if your ever looking for someone to go riding with let me know cus ive got no one to go riding with and i live in the general area anyway
  16. ya mattb it does suck a bit u got to go along way to find the roads but u have to make the most of wat u got. lol that wouldnt of been to bad then
  17. To break the boredom of the Murray Valley Highway up I've used a couple of deviations.
    First, from the Murray Vally Highway, traveling south are left over the bridge to Tooleybuc, then right down the road through Koraleigh and back across the bridge at Nyah

    And second, turn left at the roadabout in Cohuna and follow the road as it meanders along the Gunbower Creek to later rejoin the highway further south.
  18. The other weekend me and a mate rode a friends bike back from Mildura to Echuca, I can understand why you would want to break the boredom.

    Wolfmother showed me a few good little roads around Yarroweyah, Numurkah and Nathalia