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Half a bee's dick I reckon. :/

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. ABS pulled me up in the gravel and grass and got us back on the road. I reckon I'm down to about 4 lives now. :)
  2. Holy fudge Loz thats one scary moment.................did you happen to get his plates?
  3. fmd, good reflexes mate, I'm guessing your typical red neck cunt in a Ute
  4. No plates, I was more worried about my passenger! She was fine though, her visor had steamed up and she hardly realized what happened heh heh.
  5. man **** that...that guy was ridin the middle of the road hard...that's insane..glad no-one was injured hey
  6. That was pretty close. Good job to stay on it. Abs has its uses.
  7. FMD

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  8. Fark, couldn't get much more space in between the bike and the ute.
  9. Whew, glad to see you two got out unscathed. O.O
  10. Daaaamn that was close, lady luck was shining on you that day
  11. Happy you are both ok..

    Hope Karma catches this turkey real soon. Wanker.
  12. Bloody Hell Loz,

    Any closer and you would be singing the mezzo-soprano sections .. fuck that was close
  13. Definitely shit your pants stuff, did you feel it brush you?????

    Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 9.01.12 AM.
  14. wow...
    Too close but awesome stuff on your behalf!!!!!
    Hope your pillion didn't get too shaken up too..

    I know we shouldn't be speculating on road incidents but it really makes you wonder when we hear all of those "motorcyclists failing to negotiate a bend" as a result of accidents...
  15. Jesus tittyfarkingchrist that was close. Nice job avoiding and hopefully not soiling your leathers too much man. I'm sure the Herald Sun and the po-po would have written that up as riders fault somehow if it had gone 2 inches further over and ended badly.
  16. You know, why don't TAC (and same other interstate authorities) use this sort of stuff in their safety adds?
    They would go far showing joepublic the real reasons for accidents.
    Nothing to do with speed...
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  17. I felt something... Probably just the rush of air. But yeah I reckon you'd be lucky to get a credit card in between me and the hilux there. And the widest part of the bike was probably my pillion's knees. I shudder to think.
  18. you should send it to the papers, and all the other media- its great footage... except it seems you where going a little fast (not my opinion, but thats what the bloke in my office commented when I showed him- a non motorcyclist)
  19. :eek:hno:

    shit!! Thank your stars for ABS