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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by murchy, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Title says it all, best haircuts to avoid helmet hair!
    Other than the obvious bald/crop cut of course.

  2. some of us don't have the choice :( :(

    go the Simmoncelli look!!!
  3. #3 bulby, Jul 13, 2011
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    Been wondering about the same thing. I'm guessing the grunge look might work.

    Anyhow, I've decided to just bring a cap / hat / beanie. Problen solved :D
  4. .... Hornet, you could get one of those attachable ponytails for your motorcycle helmet!!..:D
  5. actually I saw a cool mohawk on a helmet the other day

    hmmmm :LOL:
  6. Hair by Gillette. Maintenance free.
  7. I found the balaclava does a really good job at keeping it reasonably even, and for $20 it saves me having to get a haircut every month.
    May not work in summer though ...
  8. 8-[
    .... dare ya!!....
  9. short back and sides
  10. Long hair here, tied up in two plaits, but always have had severe helmet hair issues regardless, never found a solution. Also usually have that single escaped strand of hair that lays right across my eyelashes just at the start of a ride, so annoying.
  11. one of our lady riders here in Wollongong has a leather sheath-type thingo that wraps round her plait and keeps it orderly, or I guess it does....
  12. Number 1 on the clippers..... money back garantee!
  13. Meh never bothered about it. I get a #2 when my hair starts annoying me, and I just wear it scruffy all the time, never styled or even brushed it.

    Helmet hair actually suites me...
  14. Shaved mine on the weekend. Got tired of running into the boys room every morning at work to fix my hair!
  15. Didn't someone on here have like dreadlocks in a pony tail attatched to their helmet? Might of been a video posted with him dealing with police or something.
  16. #1 in summer and #2 in winter
  17. Soft...
    #0, all year 'round (y)
  18. I think I know the vid you're referring to and I'm led to believe they're real dreads. I asked the same question (to a third party).
  19. If it really bothers you, buy a comb or hair brush.