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Hair Tube

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lil, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. I bought one of these at the Island last weekend as I'm sick of my hair falling out and getting knotty all the time. I reckon its great....keeps my hair tangle free, I don't getting 'kinks' from the braid I normally have my hair in and its different!!!


  2. Wild Violet has one similar, i think charmed got it for her from SA
  3. I saw these at the superbikes and suggested them to my sister-in-law who has bum-length hair. I haven't been able to find them since, so thanks for the link Lil. (We only went through the main exhibition stand and I didn't see them there. )
  4. You can also get similar ones on ebay but I cant find them at the min to give a link. They usually sell for about $15-$20
  5. I should get one :p
  6. I found the site a couple of months ago, and was going to wait until I was in Bundaberg (I live in Queensland) and get one directly from the shop, but I might order one online. I like the tribal butterfly one aswell. I have waist length hair, so I hope it will help with the tangles (helmet hair).


  7. I could use one for future naked riding...keeps the 'bits at bay' y'see.
  8. Sweet find but do you know if they will work for back hair ?
  9. A lady from the Ulysses club also makes these pony tail tamer's. Here's a link to her website.


    I have tried on a few but my hair is so thick the clips do not fit properly and sit awkward on the back of my head making my helmet uncomfortable.
    I'll keep looking though, I reckon they are a great idea.
  10. Awesome!

    I should get one. Most of the time, I just tie my hair back and use a Neck sock.

    It works better than a scarf.
  11. Found an American site that has these, with a good range for all sports etc. HERE
    Even after the currency exchange convert been done still works out cheaper then what there asking for here. Only thing is there international postage costs are just total rip off. ( US$27.95 - thats roughly AU$37.00 )

  12. Or start wearing pants when you ride so your hair doesn't get so knotted.
  13. I emailed my friend Sandy as mentioned in an above post re: Ulysses lady makes them, she replied.

    Thanks Davo thats so cool, can you write back for me to caz and tell her I make extra wide one for thick hair and also mine are the ones on ebay for $20 I have two on there at the moment, but might put two more now :) .
    cheers Sandy