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Hair-dryer riding punks!!!

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Aug 21, 2007.

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    Ok you hair-dryer riding punks, when are we gonna have one of these clashes?! http://www.tonup-sd.com/ (click on Mods vs Rockers link).

    I'm really into both the rocker and the mod cultures* (I used to long for a vintage Vespa, but now it's for a BSA or Triumph), and would love to be part of arranging such an afternoon or evening in Melbourne, perhaps in Spring. Need not be too big. What do other people think (regardless of what city you're from - why not arrange them elsewhere as well)? How would we define it, what would we do? One way to approach it is to encourage vintage and classic style scoots and bikes, as the guys on that webpage did, but then that might be less fun than having as many people along as possible, however the mod and rocker aesthetic would want, really, to be emphasised (the point of the excercise being a celebration of those aesthetics for those who love them). We could meet together, or we could meet at segregated locations and then join together (hey, it would be like that scene in Quadrophenia on the way to Brighton! :LOL: ). St Kilda seems like a good centre of gravity for it.

    (*for anybody who is unfamiliar with this, google, and also watch the classic film Quadrophenia [media=youtube]a384hyPezbM[/media])

    There's heaps of Mods vs Rockers day stuff on Youtube
    eg [media=youtube]6wXqfff2XTI[/media]

    I'll post up more in the coming months, as I'd really like to see something happen, but I'd be interested in other's thoughts.

  2. thanks for the links i'll check em out now
  3. I wish i was in melbourne.. i would definately be in this one... although i do not have an old scooter or an old bike i would still want to be in this one... I ride a Peugeot Ludix aswell as a custom Honda VTR 250 made to look as much of a cafe racer as possible... in all honesty it kind of a cross cafe racer / streetfight :? i call it my cafe fighter :grin:
  4. Well, it sounds like you've got the proper spirit alright, which counts for far more than, for instance, just having the money to buy the 15k investment vintage Bonnie to store in shed! :) Actually, my SR's not cafed, nor will it be. It is reminiscent of the BSA Gold Star but with a leaner harder look, but with a stock bar and pegs - I quite like the comfy versatile riding position. If you look at photos of ton up boys, such as these ( http://the59club.com/public_html/graham/Sitea.html an impressive collection from the 59 Club), there's plenty of bikes that are not 'cafe racers' as we know them. Though there's a taste for good-looking bikes and the greaser way, throughout. To me it's more about the ton up / greaser / rockabilly aesthetic informing your taste, than about a strict criteria of bike.

    If this happens, I'll certainly do a report - maybe you can do the same thing. It will be done in a way that involves MINIMAL organisation.

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    Just watched this:

    The Wild Ones?
    The Whitsun weekend fights between the Mod and Rockers in 1964 have become part of the identity of coastal towns and cities such as Southend, Margate and Brighton. At the time, local residents and the media met the coming together of these subcultures with anger, fear and even pity.

    Focusing specifically upon Brighton, The Wild Ones? features accounts from those who were actually there, asking them about the events of the mid-sixties, their opinions of the press reports and what they think about the legacy created by the riots.

    Short film/documentary made for part of a Masters course at the University of Sussex.

  6. Should I bring a knife or handgun ?
  7. Depends on if you want to be killed or just go to jail for killing.
  8. Sounds like a great idea. I live about 1.5 hours from the city but would come up for this one. !!