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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by steltzer, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. went for a ride this arvo just to get some wet weather experience. i had to go somewhere, i thought i would take advantage of the rain, and get 1.5-2hrs in. funny thing was, this was my 5th ride ever, and just as i was on my way home, coming through Millgrove Vic, it decided to hail. i thought "just take it real REAL easy, it will be fine". After the down pour, and a huge amount of noise later, it stopped. What I failed to realise, was that the hail had moved from west to the east, and had totally coated the road where i was going with hail, which started to melt, and reform as ice. i was doing 25 kms, when i pulled over without braking, and slowed right down. As I pulled off the road, doing about 7 kms, I thought i would check how much braking resistance I actually had. I slightly applied a little pressure to the rear, and it immediately locked, and the ABS was kicking in like crazy. Just goes to show how dangerous it was, I don't think i could have stopped with braking at all with out losing the front end. It is probably not that scary for seasoned riders, but on my L's, ninja 650 RL ABS, 5 days old, I was packin it!!

  2. Screw that, all i can think of when it comes to hail is comedy movies of guys falling all over the place while walking on marbles and i can only assume riding on hail wouldnt be much different.
  3. ...i'm more interested about how the ABS was really.

    Lucky you had it i guess!
  4. if it started hailing and i was riding, i'd get into the first carport i could. i would not be riding.

    balls of steel man... but yeah, i wouldn't wanna drop the bike cause of ice... not nice :(
  5. nup, it was too scary, never doing it again. but the ABS was great, did it's thing, but made no difference on the ice, just locked and unlocked, then locked again, about 5 times before stopping. on the dry and doing a quick stop, it would rock, but ice sux! really scared me. thought i was going to drop my baby!!
  6. Well done - hail and iced roads are probably only conditions I haven't ridden in, nor do I intend to.

    Seems like there was really no benefit of the ABS on iced roads - what do you reckon?
  7. I haven't experience ice yet but i bet it's like going down hill on loose gravel, except smoother.

    When i planned to do tassie everyone was telling me about black ice, but no one ever told me what to do when i saw it (if that's possible) or how to hadle riding it, if at all. Nice to read how you handled it.

    I'm with lowercase when it comes to hail, get to cover asap. That stuff dents metal.
  8. I know riding in all sort of weather gives us experience but hail, nah! especially on a new bike. Wet, cold, fog, i dont mind but hail - never! I'm not taking my bike to work tomorrow as well.

    Good for you though for riding - Ride Safe and stay safe!
  9. just downloaded some pics from today, thought you guys might like. you can see my tyre tread and the ABS skid right before I stopped.

    Robbie55: ABS did do what it was supposed to do, but i think in ice, nothing can stop you but eventual slowing from inertia, and God LOL but i still think ABS is excellent.

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  10. That's what it is suppose to do and if it was doing that, then you were out of traction.

    Well on ice, the ABS is just kicking in a lot earlier. It was possibly the difference between staying upright and not if it was kicking in that easily. As opposed to just locking up the front and having it slide out under you.
  11. yeh you are right there, i know it was doing it's job, i was totally out of traction. but yeh i think without abs i would have slid alot longer, maybe dropped it.
  12. Braking with the front, if you locked up and didn't release the brakes straight away, you certainly would have dropped it. Might be worth reading the braking threads in the new riders and tips area...
  13. first off: =D> for getting out there and amongst it.

    you're all pussies if you can't handle a bit of ice :D :D :D

    Not sure about the ABS though... Instead of using a good braking technique you've just jambed the brakes on and let the tech do the hard yards...

    In this situation I would have been really light on the front, really light on the back and used mostly engine braking to slow myself down. Obviously not good in an e-brake situation, but it would get me stopped...

    Locking the back isn't really a problem, you can just steer out of it normally. Plus its fun :D . Compression lockup might have been a problem depending on exactly how slippery it was. Sounds like it was a fairly amusing level of grip, that is to say, not much at all :D
  14. I've ridden in hail, I don't like it, it hurts.

    Depends on how hard/heavy the hail is, if it only light(ish) I'll keep riding, otherwise I stop and take cover.

    Yes, I'm a pussy, I won't ride in the snow either.
  15. modern ninja - yeh i was actually just experimenting with how bad the level of grip was. I only just touched the rear brake, didn't jam it on at all, just only engaged the rear brake light really, and then it locked, i was trying to see if i had any grip at all, seeing as i have never riden in such crap weather. just goes to show, experience is everything!
  16. On the brightside, buying underwear would be great value!!!

    You could get 2 for 1 specials with your wife :D :D :D :eek:

    Just kidding bud :D The older riders grow some sense and drop the bravado alot of us young'uns have when we first start riding.

    @Stetlzer: really? I'm not entirely convinced by that... The back can be touchy. You could be hitting it harder than you think... Keep practicing mate, the fact that you got out there in some atrocious weather says alot about what your mindset is and it is impressive.

    btw. your bike is the sex. that is all.
  17. hahah thanks modern, maybe i did apply it harder than i thought. i do find it hard to gauge the pressure i am applying to the rear, but i am sure i will get the hang of it. it is all about feel.
  18. Well done. Seriously, that's about as challenging a riding environment as you're likely to find. Glad you came through it alright. Ice and hail and sleet are not good things when you're on a bike.
  19. Hail, ice, sleet or snow are not good, period.
  20. Good to hear you got out of it good and well done on getting out there. I didn't know there was hail coming until half way through my journey to work in the morning and was hoping I wouldn't cop it on the way back home, lucky it hailed while I was at work and watched it build up over the lawn. Was damn freezing on the way home though.