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Hail from SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ArmouredSprue, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Hi all

    Being new to this forum I'd like to introduce myself.
    I'm Paulo and I'm originally from Brazil now living in Adelaide for the last 10 years.
    Did a lot of motorcycling back in Brazil, mostly dirt bikes, I had a 2stroke 250cc Husqvarna and I was into trail and enduros. I also had a Honda 600cc Hornet which I sold when moving here.
    I finally got my things together and planning to buy a motor bike here.

    I really like the naked style and I'm probably going to a KTM 690 or a Yamaha MT- 07 0r 09).

    Last weekend I test rode a HD Iron 883, nice ride but the reviews are a little disappointing.

    That's it! Hope to catch up you some of you guys around.
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  2. Welcome to the asylum!
  3. First time for me back on my bike in 25 years after finally restoring it for road use. What a great feeling to be back in the open air on a bike. Cheers Mike Adelaide
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  4. Thanks mate
  5. I know the feeling
  6. wow another cpl of Adelaidian's we'll be catching up to the Vics soon lol "joke"
    welcome Paulo and MV1959MV1959

    now there coming in two's (y)
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  7. Cheers
  8. Welcome mate :cool:
  9. Welcome aboard! If you enjoyed the 883 Iron, why would it matter what the reviews said? What they hated could be the very thing that floats your boat. Anyway, if it has 2 wheels it's good.
    Mike, what's the resto? I love stories about making old things new again. Bringing it on the Gentleman's Ride this weekend?
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  10. I'd have to agree: if I like something I couldn't care less what someone else thinks about it....

    Welcome to Netrider, both of you
  11. Welcome aboard y'all, just don't talk footy,for a week or two.
  12. Firstly, hi and welcome ArmouredSprue, hope you are able to get a bike soon and enjoy the (upcoming!) warmer weather.

    Talking about catching up, there was some mention of a meet and greet where the SA and Vic crews were going to catch up for an overnight gig??
  13. Welcome Paulo!

    Wise words from gizzogizzo only you will know which bike will suit you best.

    Test ride many!
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  14. Howdy and welcome to the forum ArmouredSprueArmouredSprue .

    Go forth and try as many as you can before making your decision...the bikes you listed are all nice and adelaide has some lovely rides! There's a growing NR adelaidan presence growing so keep an eye out for the planned events :)
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  15. Welcome Paulo (ArmouredSprueArmouredSprue) and Mike (MV1959MV1959). I'm in Adelaide also.

    Paulo, I agree with everyone else - test ride as many bikes as you can, and buy what you like; don't worry too much about reviews. In this day and age, almost all bikes are reliable.

    Mike, I too would be interested in your resto.

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  16. Welcome Sprue! - And Mike :)

    This is getting BIIIG. Lol. How come I'm still the only chick? :eek:

    Pleeeease can it wait til the start of May? Pleeeease? Otherwise my bottom lip will tremble. Unless someone's giving me a backy.... ;)
  17. Not really up to me, IIRC, EricEric may have posted something of the sort:unsure:.
  18. I know Ned, was just testing out my 'Poor little orphan' wiles. ;) They never work. Lol.
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  19. Welcome to NR