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Hail dent removal (car)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. G'day All.

    A friend just bought a late model used car which has very mild hail dents on the roof (hardly noticeable). She got it insured and now finds out from elsewhere - not that she was informed by the insurer - that she needs to disclose hail damage, that her insurer (and it appears any other) will not insure a hail damaged car. So, I'm going to remove her dents and there'll be nothing to disclose to insurance or to create problems in the event of her needing to use her insurance.

    I've never done anything like this, so how should I do it? I saw Pops-A-Dent - would you recommend using that? Or is there another method? I'll get her to take a photo of the roof and I'll post it up, but they really are very minor, unnoticeable unless you look for them.
  2. its not a diy really, but its done like this.
    oxy torch dent , then as it cools metal contracts
    and dent comes out
    skim of bog then respray.
  3. there is the freeze method but it eontvwork on hail damage - pretty
    surevit wont anywa
  4. If it's only in the roof skin, remove all internal fittings ( ie. grab handles, sun visors, rear vision mirror, etc), then gently pop off the roof lining and remove from the car. Once you are looking at the bare metal of the roof (from the inside) you can gently push/tap it out or use heat to warm/contract the metal. I emphasise gently. It's called paintless dent removal if you want to read more about it.

    DO NOT disclose to the insurance company or they will immediately write the car off or cancel the contract.

    Good luck.
  5. There are still a shitload of hail damaged cars running around Perth from a big storm we had ~3 years ago. I've always wanted to buy one and glue red ping-pong balls into all the craters (with the odd puss green one interspersed) so as to own a car with acne.
  6. Wow lots of poor information in this thread.

    For starters, she is not covered by insurance as you need to disclose any pre existing damaged on the car, hail or otherwise. The only cover she will have if third party.

    If the roof has enough damage it's replaced, not bogged as its a too large and area and the filer will fail. The other option is paintless dent removal which is not DIY and does not use any heat or freezing to remove the dents.

    Depending on the severity I would budget around 1k for pdr.
  7. Odd. I have a fully insured hail damaged car, rep write off and all.
  8. Who's that with?

    Cazzo, $1k is better than what I've heard. We'll get a quote next week and see how we go, hopefully it's that low.
  9. 'Lucky you're with AAMI'
  10. You
    Has it Been repaired?
  11. skilled panel beaters can repair with heat
    but its a respray after . Hand finished is a skill sll panek
    beaters can do
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    Last edited: Jan 26, 2013
    She checked with AAMI and they explicitly exclude hail damage - went through their quote process to close to the point of purchase where they then checked that it has not been hail damaged. Maybe, Lilley, they changed the policy after you first got yours insured?

    An affordable, rurally-located panel beater has been located today who has serviced friends so she'll get a quote next week. I was tempted to suggest bog and a respray as I have family who can do an acceptable amateur job, and might suggest it again if PDR is too expensive, but it would be nice to get a good PDR job done - she'd be happy if it was not more than say $1500.

    I'm glad I just ride bikes. This car business is so expensive and hard.
  13. cant ya just put in a claim later , say after the next hail storm.
  14. There have been prayers said to the weather gods. Or thoughts of driving behind a truck that's transporting marbles.
  15. thought it rained n hailed all the time in melbourne
  16. Yes phil, I k
    Yes phil I do know this. But when an insurance company is picking up the tab and. The majority of people wouldn't have a clue about labour cost, it gets done with alternative methods such as replacing the turret which is in fact a better job.