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Hail Caesar!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Caesar:
    Who is it in the press that calls on me?
    I hear a tongue shriller than all the music
    Cry "Caesar!" Speak, Caesar is turn'd to hear.

    Beware the ides of March.

    What man is that?

    A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

  2. But what have the Romans done for us lately?
  3. Fall of Europe.
  4. Is this Groundhog Day?
  5. You'll find out at 7am this morning.
  6. Besides the fall of Europe, what else have the Romans done for us lately
  7. Underage prostitutes.
  8. Ok, so. Besides the fall of Europe and underage prostitutes, what have the Romans done for us lately ?
  9. April 14?
  10. Elected a pope from the Southern Hemisphere....oh, and the aqueducts.
  11. ...apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order... what have the Romans done for us?
  12. Depends on how you define lately. They certainly brought the world pizza and pasta and removed the catholic church from relevancy. Stood up to prime ministerial lawlessness. Got nothing else though.
  13. Ah, this explains things.

    Last night, as I was looking for my place in the book I've been reading, the light flickered ill and then I saw before me something that made my blood cold and my hair stand on end.

    I demanded of the apparition, "Why comest thou?"

    It answered, "To tell thee thou shalt see me at Philippi."

    I responded, "Phillip Island?"

    It retorted, "No! Philippi."

    I offered, "You mean Phillip Isle?"

    "No!" responded the apparitian, "You fcuking maggot dog, Philippi!"

    I think I muttered something about, "Well then, I shall see you at Phillip island" and the thing shrieked and rode off. Could this be connected to the rides of March?
  14. One of your better ide(a)s, Lilley lol