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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by scottay, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Hello fellow riders from the net.
    My names scott im 24 and im from the melbournes.
    Ive never been a big fan of bikes, previously was a car person. Had a few quick cars - notably my xr6t with 340rwkw and my evo7. Sadly the popo have decided if you drive a loud fast car your worse than serial killers and stuff so i gave that hobby up.

    I got my learners about a month ago and have been riding my GF's zzr250. I recently purchased my first bike to run around on till i get my full licence. Its a suzuki across... very fast i know. I often destroy litre bikes when im riding.. but only when they are parked on the side of the road as i pass them.

    Look foward to hopefully catching up with some of you at some stage as I try to improve my riding!
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  2. Hey Scott.

    Welcome, you may find that your previous ":friends" have much the same attitude to bikes....

    Anyway get your self down to Sat practice at Elwood, if nothing else to meet some of the fantastic people on here in the flesh.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  3. Welcome
    Good choice of bike. They might not be the quickest lams bike but they are good to start out on.
  4. Thanks mate,

    The bike is currently in just getting its rwc so hopefully ill have it next week :) but ill def come down soon!
  5. welcome Scott.
    love the old evos. how are u finding the bike measures up to ur previous wheels?
  6. Welcome Scott - Bit different to yourself as my 4 wheel chariot is a Landrover Defender. About as different to a Evo as your likely to find but if I want to go off road it's the Deefer and the Beemer for the highways and byways. Have both bases covered. Get some tuition from experienced riders (formal lessons or mates) and just get out there and ride and chalk up some km's! Pretty much it really! You will enjoy the time spent on bikes
  7. Nothing will ever compare to the power the xr6turbo had. 340rwkw is enough to fry tyres on a roll at anything under 120. It ran 11.5 down the 1/4 on street tyres so on slicks it may have cracked a 10.. but i didnt want to break anything lol. The evo was fairly stock just raised the boost a bit and had a full exhaust. That was a monster through the hills though, it was like a big go kart ! haha. Even though the bike is only a 250 it is such a different and amazing feeling you get, the wind in your face, leaning over through corners. I just love it :D
  8. Yeah i plan to spend alot of time riding with my friend who has an r1. He has done quite a few track days and ridden for the last 15 or so years. I wish the mechanic would gimme back my damn bike already haha
  9. So update...

    I get the bike tmoz :D so pumped
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