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Hahahahahah kid gets freaked out

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, May 28, 2007.

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    I don't know why, but scaring little kids is hilarious


  2. until they are your own, and they cry , and you feel bad...and stuff :(
  3. Bwaaaaaahahahahaha...that was piss funny!

    Not only was there such dramatization from the kid singing, but that scare! Aaaaaaaaahahahahaha

    Reminds me of when we were in San Fran over Christmas, and there was a busker hiding behind a bin with an xmas tree in front of him. He'd launch out at people as they were walking past and scare the crap out of them.

    And yes, sure enough, the kids were the funniest ;)
  4. great stuff!
  5. 2loo you are a hero!

    i keep all your you tube finds. i feel like i should pay you...hmm..how about a pen?
  6. Ktulu-story for Joel:

    A couple of years ago, I used to lead a group of guys for church. We were part of a larger group for wider games and outings etc. One particular outing was organised, which involved dinner at Pancakes On The Rocks in the city.
    Of course, all the kids ordered pancakes, etc, and most of the guys ordered Coca~Cola: because Coca~Cola has a very effective advertising campaign and is high in sugar + other addictive substances.

    ... but I digress

    One of my well taught lads drew to my attention the fact that when concentrated in a vessel very similar to say; a drinks glass - maple syrup looks VERY similar to Coca~Cola!
    Thus hatched a most delightfully fiendishly hilarious idea, from the few active remnants of Ktulu's mind.

    A victim was chosen, a glass was filled to the same level with maple syrup, as this poor boy had Coke left - a straw was added to allow the syrup to pass a cursory authentification inspection: and Ktulu promptly did ye olde "switcharoo" while my collaborators giggled and made that face you make when you have to laugh but also have to not look like your not laughing.

    The victim - and we shall call him "James" [for that is his name] finally took a small sip of his 'Coke'... queried it with an odd gaze, before a secondary test-sip - and promptly fled to the bathroom.

    We got a great laugh for about 1.8745 seconds before we realised he was crook... turns out he was on antibiotics for an eye infection, and they made him nauseous - the maple syrup tipped him over the edge and he spent a few minutes talking to God on the big, white telephone.

    I felt like an arse... a horrible, terrible arse.

    James did have an awesome sense of humour though, and forgave me after my earnest apology, saying 'twas an excellent prank and the only problem was the medication he was taking - but still...

    Ktulu :arrow: arse :(
  7. i scared the crap outta my girl the other night, and she was devistated :(
    i was talking in general conversation, as you do with a 7yo, and then i threw in an "out of left field random yell" to which her knees went wobbly, and she started crying, the real crying where the lips quiver and the tears are there pre-noise.
    it was funny for me at the time\, but that attack of guilt was quick!
  8. joel, 2loo, you can never get a reaction like the britney kid.

    i wonder if that boy is one of those transgender types. you know, the girl in the body of a boy. did you see the dance moves? he's spanking it old school!
  9. *laugh* that was pretty funny even without sound

    must admit tho, I am going to have to live vicariously thru those who are willing to do that to their own kids - not sure I'll be able to do it to our littlen when she pops out ;)
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  11. *scratching head* ?!

    well, congrats anyway :grin:
  12. my dad scares the crap out of me all the time. when i was on my Ls in the car he would suddenly scream LOOK OUT, id hit the brakes or look around wildly until i spotted the sign saying lookout. my dads great :grin: i dont get scared by loud noises or people jumping out from behind things anymore!
  13. Yeah, my daughter gets terribly upset if she's surprised like that. She learned about shouting "boo" when she was in pre-school in that way that kids do - where you are already aware of them and have to act surprised - and so I decided to play the game too and lay in wait when she was in the toilet one time and as she opened the door to come out, I shouted BOO!!!...She dissolved into tears and was extremely frightened. :shock:

    Man did I feel like a tool. :cry: Took a little while for her to calm down. Never again! Little kids get frightened very easily.
  14. Ha! Sverre did that to me not too long ago. I opened the door, saw him, but still screamed me head off.

    He, of course, thought it was HILARIOUS...

    ...me...not so much :evil:
  15. absolutely piss funny eat ya heart out our new Michael Jackson is on his way :p
  16. Ktulu,

    That was really you in the vid when you were a kid wasnt it... :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I always knew there was a bit of Britney in you hahahahahaha

    btw, i love it!
  17. When I was that age, Britney Spears would have been about 8 years old :)

    ... and I've never really been a fan.

    Nope, no Britney in me.

    And I would never put any of me in her either... total headcase! She's off the rails :shock:
  18. emsie wrote:
    HEY! congrats!! :grin: :grin:

    2loo wrote
    And I would never put any of me in her either... total headcase! She's off the rails

    the sad part is you could do much worse [not u personally]. you know, it might be easier to marry her, you'll get paid.

    ive got this theory

    me thinks she was saving herself for marrige. that fellow she was with in vagas [yeah, the middle eastern, mag wheels, yob type] just wanted a poke but our hero britney had her rule 'no poke b4 wedding night'. unfortunately our hero never put a moments thought into the meaning of her rule [we understand britney, that would hurt your little mind] which was so obviously passed down by her rents.

    so she got married to a fellow she wasnt serious about, in a tacky church, thinking that would make aaaaalllll the difference.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: