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Hahaha! I just got hung up on by a telemarketer! LOL

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. I never answer a private number, preferring to screen them and let the marketing company cop a call charge... but I was expecting a call, which I knew was a private number...

    Anyhow, I answered the private number and wouldn't you know it, but an indian female voice launched into a spiel. D'oh. :facepalm:

    It was a market survey for some mob called ICS... I didn't get annoyed, just told her she had 15seconds before I hung up.

    So she launches into these general questions in a rush... but as soon as they started getting personal I broke into her spiel and asked her some of my own - like what was the purpose of the survey, who was the information for, how was it going to be used, what was in it for me??? She kept giving me pattern answers, so I told her that she wasn't answering my questions!

    Well, in a huff she says, "Sir, are you inclined to take this survey?", to which before I even had a chance to answer, She hung up on me!


    You go girl!! :rofl:

    Any how, let that be a lesson to us, don't be lead down their garden path and they'll cut the call...
  2. So she was selling stuff (telemarketing) or doing surveys (market research)? I tried telemarketing once (the shit jobs you do to get through uni), but sold nothing in 3 days so got asked to leave :LOL: , but I was alright at the surveys. Did stuff for the local council for what services you use/want, follow-up calls for when the gas man's been out, etc. Not exactly my life long ambition, but at least it had some use. I always hated it when people would think I was a telemarketer - I had nothing to sell - honest!
  3. Mine is better.

    The phone rang at midnight :shock: shat myself so answered it.
    They ask for the wife, I ask who it was....

    Some yanky dood congratulating us on winning the competition that we entered online *shrug*

    It's a private number, the wife has the tendancy to enter into these "competitions" so I play along.

    Tells me that we won a weeks holiday in Florida staying at the Raddison hotel, tickets to disneyworld, a 3 day cruise to the bahamas and a number of other attractions yadda yadda yadda......

    tells me he now has to patch me through to ticketing to organise the tickets.

    Get some other knobjockey on the phone, and get the spiel all over again, very convincing etc etc.

    Then tells me we need to patch you through to the Visa office because I need to pay for the prize I had just won :?

    when i questioned it, i'm told, it's USD$5,500 worth of holiday and that I won it for the measly price of USD$998 "sir, that's only $1,285.00 Australian, isn't that exciting?"

    Then asks me what card I'd be using. "Visa" replies I, great, what are the card details?

    "sorry pal, I don't give out my credit card details over the phone to just anyone"

    he was very quick, I'll give him that, tells me, "can you hear all the noise in the background, thats all of our other operators contacting the other 22 winners, now I don't need any info off the back of your credit card, just the numbers on the front"

    again I tell him that I dont give out my CC #'s to anyone over the phone.

    Then as if he was stomping his feet says"sir!, it is 9.10am here in Florida, that would make it a little after midnight there, I can assure you this is an international call and it is too expensive to simply be calling you if it was a scam"

    I return a "mate, with VOIP prices these days, i'd say it's very cheap....

    then the dipshit hung up on me!!!!!!

    How rude.......

    Wonder how many pensioners get woken at that hour, all confused handing out their CC #'s

  4. i have a (male) friend that got a telemarketer call who asked "Are their any females in the household between the ages of 18 and 35?"... to which he replied in a husky voice "No... but I can if you want me to be" beep beep beep.
  5. bwahahaha, thats classic. i love it ginji, i'll use that one.
  6. i tried it , used to get alot of angry husbands , so i played around with them saying there wife left there panties at my house and ifg it was ok for him to come get them before my wife got home
  7. Don't forget the do not call list. Works great. My phone don't ring anymore. :( :LOL:
  8. This has been great we've gone from three or four a week to virtually none, except for Koolie Mobile Phones. :mad: They quickly hung up the phone when I explained to them the fines involved for calling people on the list and was prompty hung up on. :(

    Oh well, they have been reported anyway and the people at the register haven even kept me up to date with the progress of my complaint. :LOL:
  9. just done now. thanks for the link HD - been meaning to do it for a while.

    well done rob. i tend to play with them these days. if i've made the effort to get up and get the phone, i may as well have some fun. i've used the "no she's dead" line when they've asked for me, or "sorry, not buying, not giving today" and then hang up. i'm amazed they make any sales. you'd think they'd go out of business.
  10. Err, well we here put our phone number on the list. We don't get telemarketers calling any more, but we do get lot's of mobs wanting to do surveys. The last one sounded like a private company that was selling something. Still, the number of calls has decreased.

    I remember about a year ago I actually took part in a survey. Then a few months later I got a call back telling me that because I had taken part in a survey, our number was entered in a draw, and we were one of several winners of a two night stay in Cowes (Philip Island). All we had to do was attend a time-share meeting. Well I thought no way do I want this. I told the guy, some fellow from Bangalore, that I didn't want it. He was gobsmacked. He tried all sorts of ways to convince me to take the package, but I just very politely refused. In the end he didn't know what to do, so he kind of stuttered, said goodbye, and hung up!

    Actually, it can be kinda funny to stay polite and play games with these people. I'm just a sadistic little thing, huh ;-)
  11. One option I use if I can be bothered is respond to each of their questions with some really weird statement that has absolutely nothing to do with what they are asking. It freaks most of them out and they eventually realise it is a waste of time and hang up. At least you can get a laugh out of it.

    Telemarketer: Our records indicate you were previously with Telstra
    Me: Right....
    TM: Telstra has a whole range of new packages that could save you heaps of money. I'd like to run the options by you if that is OK.
    TM: Do you currently have broadband?
    Me: Look I'm really not interested because Telstra stuffed me around. Which is why I left.
    TM: But we can save you a heap of money if you change back. Do you currently package you mobile and home phone?
    Me:......I like spaghetti. It's nice.
    TM:...Ah, do you have packaged phones at the moment?
    Me:......I don't like bus stops.
    TM:......OK. We have some really great plans,... ah......wouldn't you like to save some money?
    Me:......My pet rock's name is Jurgens.
    TM:....ah....(call ends)
  12. Greg, that's GOLD! :rofl:
  13. I was at home during the day and got a call asking for Mr Jones. So I did my best impression of someone who doesn't speak English. After a while they gave up...
  14. I used to love just handing the phone to my 4yr old who start telling them about his fish, or his cars, or whatever he had been doing immediately before the call....... :LOL:

    The donotcall register has stopped all that fun now :grin:
  15. If you're so inclined to play with them, answering 'goonigoogo' to everything is amusing, especially with indian call centres.

    If they're surveys, asking them to provide you with the same information they're asking YOU for shuts them up pretty quickly.

    The do not call register is pretty good, and I DON'T receive nearly as much as I used to, however it doesn't eliminate ALL calls.
  16. I love it when they ask me if I am interested in "insert telecommunications thing here" and I politely inform them I work for Telstra and they give me everything FREE! Sometimes they drone on but most of the time beep beep beep!

    I use the same thing with credit cards, mortgages and once when someone wanted to sell me vinyl weatherboards I asked if it would disturb the bodies in the walls. !! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :twisted:
  17. rob, that woman had BRAINS!

    you want to piss of an indian, here's how; :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    only for sales, not survays cause sales are the ones who deserve it.

    you say, 'im very interested, can you hang on a sec' then you put the phone down. 5 mins later you pick it up and


    you start chatting for a min and then get distracted, tell em to hold on a sec and put the phone down for 10 mins. pick it up and


    i have no idea just how stupid they are, i usually hang up before they give up on me [about 20mins]

    it wastes their money, shows them how dumb they are, AND you get to spare another innocent person or 10 from a phone call.

    stump it up! :cool:
  18. BUT they see your number as a potential sale and they keep on calling you. The longer you're on the phone, the more inclined they are you keep calling that number.
  19. lol, this is wat you should be doing, pick up the phone & talk to them for a few seconds then just put down the phone, alot of the time the telemarketer will just wait lol, i've had one wait 10 minutes
  20. I had a (pensioner) friend get ripped off with this exact scheme. She paid up, and there was, of course, no holiday :roll: