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HAHAH Craig thomson's house raided by police

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 87crisis, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. fooking... hilarious


  2. hmmm funny how SOME are still innocent until proven guilty... how many years has this been going on and how much has that ranga cost us in the meantime?

    sadly it's too late to have any affect on his position as an MP cause he'll be voted out before he is made to leave by either prison time, fines or bankruptcy.
  3. I would say that any incriminating evidence (if any) would have been destroyed a long time ago.
  4. yeah? you reckon he knew they were coming?

    what do you reckon tipped him off?
  5. people suck at common sense...doubt he would've got rid of his computer...internet searches for things that were purchased with said funds..i imagine there would still be a way to find such things even after deleted...and even after you go through the house...there's generally always SOMETHING that is hidden away behind a cupboard or some such that you missed....doubt much will be turned up truthfully but i'm just content knowing a politician is being treated like a common criminal.
  6. i still don't quite buy that he actually used that money on prostitutes
  7. It always amazes me in these types of "corporate" type cases how much evidence some people keep.
  8. Haven't really been keeping up with this case since it's being dragged along at a fairly slow pace for some time now but wouldn't they need some kind of substantial evidence to be granted a search warrant for house/employment?
  9. He would have had to be the only person in the country who didn't expect them to pay a visit at some stage. Opposition will not rest until every last stone is turned.
  10. i dont think this is an opposition stunt though... why the hell has it taken this long? He was on tv a couple of days back about the fair work charges claiming that his defence was that the statute of limitations had run out so they couldn't win.
  11. Get the lot of them..................they should treat it as like a bank robbery and send him to jail for a very long time.

    Politicians cant be trusted.......
  12. Clearly the police or prosecutors now think they have something new to make the investigation proceed. I don't think it's an opposition stunt either, but it will be interesting to see what prompted this move. Thomson is now saying it wasn't directly related to himself.
  13. While we all have to bend over backwards to give Craig the assumption of innocence, I do hope the cops found an excuse to Tazer him a couple of times on their way in.
  14. I thought one of the most interesting parts of the story about the raid was that there were camera crews and journos from channel 7, 9 and 10 ready and waiting for the cops to arrive when they came to raid the place, even though it's about an hour away from any of their HQ's... I haven't seen that little fact mentioned on any of the commercial stations though...

    Apparently VicPol - who are leading the investigation and asked NSW Police to do the raid - were not impressed...