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haha... so it happened ! lowside

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by crinkelcut_chip, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Haha.. after my last thread I get the feeling some of you were expecting this ! 2wheelsagain you jinxed me ! haha :)
    I did stack it... :roll:
    but.. alas read on there is more to this than some of you may be presuming...

    So going around a fairly tight right hand bend, no not on Arthur's seat.. on a back road near my house,

    just cruising along under the speed limit..was doing about 60 on the corner.. the sun was out.. this road was quiet, not many cars.

    I enter the corner, its a right hand bend, not leaned over to far, fine fine.. mid corner next thing I know is the back wheel is sliding out from me... not the first time this has happened.. kept calm, smooth... slides some more then hits the pegs.. a little traction.. then hits the pegs.. and away slides the bike.. me in a slightly different direction. And for readers of my last thread.. no.. no rear brake.

    The bike ended up under a road barrier, I ended up on the side of the road, slid a few meters on my side.

    Damage to me... was wearing full gear, and I'm fine.. not so much as a scratch.. a little stiff and sore from the slide.. the impact was practically nothing as I just went down with the bike, my ankle is the worst.. quite stiff.
    go the gear ! I imagine I'd be in a lot more pain if it wasn't for decent gear.

    The bike.. to my memory
    -right side peg snapped off,
    -right side indicator gone
    -exhaust scratched
    -rear brake bent
    -front brake gets stuck on, when used.. made for an interesting ride home
    -all fairings either scratched.. or cracked..
    .. funnily enough I think the worst part of the damage was when it got wedged under the barrier.. all the bad cracking is on left side of the bike


    Took me and another biker (thanks to the R6 rider with a bow tie.. lol)
    a few minutes to get the bike from under the barrier.. was wedged pretty good !
    we left it upright for 10 minutes before starting.. thanks to this R6 guy again who just stuck around, think his name was pete... not sure though.. all a bit fuzzy.
    Took a few minutes to get going... ended up full choke, and nearly full throttle while starting... weird.. but it got it going...

    got it home.. was fun without a front brake or right side peg, called the insurance company goes in tomorrow morning to get "assessed"

    so after all that.. and for the last few hours I've had nothing on my mind except why... and what I can do next time that will prevent this.
    At first I was at a bit of a loss.. I didn't feel like I had done anything wrong.. but my head told my gut that it was wrong.. I don't believe in "accidents" I must have done something wrong.. or maybe a number of things.

    -Things that went through my head
    When inspecting the road, I did notice on the line I took a slight "ripple" in the road, a little unevenness, and a little gravel, not a heap, maybe a hand full scattered out about a meter.. bits scattered elsewhere as well.
    Looking at it.. I really doubt that thats solely the reason for me going down.

    I started thinking about previous slips, there have been a few.. I realised all of them had been on my right side, I do favor my left side, and since reading Ravens thread on tyre's and tread etc.. I have been keeping an eye on them, the fact I favor my left side has started to become evident on the tyre. Recently I've had a few rear tyre slips.. all right hand bends, but so far had no problem recovering from them.

    So at the moment I'm starting to think it went something like this,
    Enter right hand bend, not the best tyre, hit the ripple and gravel.. this ticks it over the edge and down I go.

    Places I stuffed up.. I didn't know the road that well, there was gravel on either side of the road.. I should have suspected gravel.. slowed down even more.. I reckon if I'd been doing another 5k's slower and been expecting gravel I could have avoided it. Should also have changed the rear tyre.

    I'm open to all feedback.. I'm interested in all thoughts.. especially if you've had a similar accident... where you haven't been quite sure on the cause.

    Alright, so I'm properly insured, the excess (with age penalty) is going to be a fair whack... but I imagine it'll be better than some of the guys I know completely un-insured ... :roll: ...
    Am I shattered ?.. everyone warned me not to get a new faired bike for exactly this reason, 6 months old and the fairings are well.. stuffed, to answer no not at all, this bike was never a "forever bike" I wouldn't recommend getting this bike to learn on if its all your savings.. but if you can comfortably afford it... and not just that but afford to loose it.. then hell why not ! I'll get it back, continue riding it until I'm off restrictions then get my upgrade. ...will I loose heaps on the sale ? yep.. probably heaps.. but I've enjoyed learning on this bike so I don't care. Worth it.

    I think most importantly, I cant wait to get my bike back and on the road again :)
  2. If the gravel and the ripple had anything to do with, you would kind of expect to lose the front end first, or instead of the rear. Were you accelerating at the time? Hard? Are you sure it was the rear? What speed and gear were you in at the time? Rpm? Did it stall before the crash?

    It seems strange to just "lose" a rear , at cruising speeds around a bend, what is your position on the bike when you ride? Is the suspension set up correctly? I have no idea how to do this, and had a shop measure it up for me when I got it.

    Sorry to hear about the damage mate, but hope you can work out what happened, so you can do more to avoid it in the future. Good luck with it.
  3. Probably can't remember as it would be a reflex, but you may have throttled completely off, destabling the bike somewhat. Combining that with bumps + possible gravel and its foreseeable that you could have lost it. Or perhaps when the rear did lose it you may have throttled off which caused you to crash rather than continue on.
  4. I'd fully prepare yourself for a payout, with that list of damage on a new kwaka 250 it could just get written off (Kwaka parts are pricy).
  5. Even if just all fairings are scratched badly/scratched it will be a right off for sure.
  6. I know ! haha... its doing my head in, I really wish it was clear so I know exactly what to/ or not to do next time..

    I don't remember the exact moment anymore.. there is little bits of blank in my memory.. and the initial slide is one of them.. but I do remember thinking god not the rear again... It could have started with the front though that is a possibility.

    Not certain on gear, rpm exact speed etc, I never accelerate hard in corners.. I was in a pretty cruise-y mood, I wasn't gunning it.. which if I lost it thats when I expected to... :? Don't think the bike stalled before I went down.

    The bike has only been adjusted for rear pre-load... is it even possible to adjust stock 250r's front suspension ?

    sorry cant be more decisive than that.
  7. I had wondered this... maybe in the moment of "oh shit" I did something stupid, very very possible .
  8. whoa ! :shock: no way ! if so thats great.. would much rather a new bike than a fixed up one.. make it alot easier to sell thats for sure !

    But aftermarket fairings for the bike are only about a grand for the entire set... surely the cost to repair wouldn't be much more than $1500

    and they wouldn't write off a bike for that minimal damage would they ?

    am I just being incredibly naive ?
  9. Does that mean its actually possible to write off a bike if its brand new just by dropping it ?
  10. On a low cost bike, it is quite possible to write off with a small accident. Although parts might be $1500, labour would have to be added. The insurance company then subtract the cost of salvage and that then determines whether the bike is written off.

    Mind you, writing your first bike off at 19 is going to make insurance fun for the next one.
  11. Judging by the photo's it's probably a good chance they will right that off. I'm gonna take a rough gestimate and say your premium + excess would be in the 3-4k mark. Meaning the insure has some come up with another 4k to pay you out.

    Especially if that frame is scratched above your right foot peg.
  12. You've done well my son, you've killed a Kawasaki. Although going by your description of what happened I'm bolloxed if i know how you did it.
    Any chance you could take some detailed pics of your rear tyre before you send it off?

    p.s. surely that HEADLIGHT has CRASH damage on it!
  13. Bad luck (again?).
    Glad to hear you are ok though, ATGATT 4tw.

    Sad to see another 250R go down. Seems like one every day.
  14. its a new bike???

    please post more pics!!
  15. good thing is you're fine. just tape it up and ride your merry way :grin:
  16. I once had a low side as well, but was because the front was on one of those small cat's eye thing in the middle of the road. luckily there was no incoming traffic.

    Glad to know that you are fine. full leathers ftw
  17. Good to hear you're ok & learning from this experience!

    I would say your bike is a write off, you have a right to be expect it to be as it was before the crash if it's being repaired, this means genuine parts, not after market fairings, which, I would expect to be 2-3 time the price of the ebay junk. (oh, & if there's ANY damage to the frame it will most likey be a stat write off)

    Good luck with it though, let us know how you go with the insurance. :grin:
  18. Often, yeah. If there's any kind of frame damage it's pretty much gonski's. But like Cejay said, heaven help you on renewal!
  19. haha... actually know.. not even close.. I realise thats what most people are paying my age for a similar bike... but calling around really did save me, my insurance is under a grand for the bike.. the excess including age penalty is also just under a grand.

    so even if they go as far as doubling the premium next time around, its still better than what most people my age are paying :)
  20. Nah sorry.. dropped the bike in this morning on the way to work, if it doesn't get written off I will take photos of the wheel and post them.

    haha... no, no "CRASH damage", I think the fairings around he headlight cracked when it got wedged under the road barrier