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haha - Lust in the fast lane for love-struck learner

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by joetdm, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Had to put this under jokes and humour because I'm still laughing... haha

    He should be ashamed they say....
    Well I say more worried as now her parents know..... hahahaha


  2. Do they ever get it right? lol.
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  3. mustve been following him in the chopper using flir (i think thats what its called from memory)
    still i want to know how they intercepted him
  4. glad he got his sentence suspended.
    also glad that's it's unlikely anything they do to him will dampen his spirits, considering.
    good on him,
    perfectly safe to do those speeds on that route and that machine anyway.
    would'nt make a habbit of it, but **** it you only live once. and apparantly she was impressed, so it was well worth it
  5. If it were a French court the judge and all present would have cheered Joshua, and carried him out on their shoulders while by-standers threw roses.
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  6. Of course, they would then have proceeded to film "the first night together", to palm it off to SBS as a movie about life.
  7. hahaha, yes that's atually very true. a crime of passion
    pity we don't have that law here.
  8. Why is gaol even considered an appropriate sentence here? Do a u-turn, in fog, on a major highway and kill someone, get nothing. Zilch. Not even a demerit point as far as can be determined. Speed (albeit dangerously) and you're up for 6mths in the big boys house.
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  9. I went to post it last night but i couldnt decide where to do it :p.
    Cracked me up too...
  10. If it were france, the cops would have surrendered.
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  11. Possibly, but doubtful for a learner weaving in and out of traffic. Sounds like he put others at risk which is something that always bothers me. At 27 yo you'd think he would have more sense. It's things like this that give us all a bad reputation and rightfully so.
  12. No wonder the kitten population has dropped.
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  13. :rofl: I wish I could thank a post twice. That sir, is genius.
  14. The things we do for love <3
  15. i reckon i have ridden that quick to get away from my ex
  16. Must have been one of those "High-Powered" Learner bikes i've been hearing all about from the media.
  17. i didnt realise you went to jail if you got caught going that fast, ive been in chases like that but got away ;)

    even more reason not to stop.
  18. Hehe...