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haha cager and a big thanks to NR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fubarcbr, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. a bit long sorry

    ok first i would like to say a big thanks to NR and all the members because of you i have become a more observant rider on the streets and to day it saved my life.

    ok i was on may way to work this arv and i had to go to the po box on way so i went a different way to work, this way has about 3 more sets of light than my other way. Ok so i have just left the post office and got onto the main road and coming up to one of these extra sets of lights and from out of a side street this chick (i would say about 19 at the most) pulls out and nearly takes me out she was doing her make up or some shit. we pull up at the next set of lights and i open it up to get some distance between the 2 of us once they go green.

    As i come to the next set of lights there is a big ass 4x4 some old nissan thing with a tow bar on the back of it, now because of NR and it's members stories about people rear ening them i have started to pay extra attention to what is coming up behind me at the lights. so i pull up in the left wheel track and have it in first and i check in my mirror and i see the same chick who nearly hit me a few seconds before drop something and all of a sudden disapear to look for it on the passenger side of the car. the lights just went red as i got there and she was still fcuking around with her make up so she must have thought they were still green but i mean come the fcuk on, how can people justify doing that. ok anyway at this time i pretty much shit my self, so i hit the red line and get the hell into the next lane between the 2 cars the guy in the car is looking at me like you tool wtf are you doing. and then not 2 seconds after i move BANG she runs straight up the arse of the 4x4 at i would say 60ish. H

    AHAHA cager, serves you right. she WAS driving a magna and boy did the front end cumple, she looked ok and there were a few people getting out to help she must have looked up just in time but i didn't hear any brakes but then again the bike was at like 13k rpm. the guy in the 4x4 got out and looked at the back of his car thre was almost no damage, the tow bar was probably sticking through the chicks dash.

    well that is the end of my little story sorry for the long read again. but once again thanks to everyone for making me a better rider.
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  2. Good to hear you dodged it! I've heard alot of these stories, and its a good reminder every time! - Watch out for the crazy biznitches.
  3. you shoulda stopped an gone to help. then when there was a spare moment, point out to her how she just missed you, entering the lane. do it politely so she listens on. then point out where you were before she hit the 4WD. u woulda been rootad, had u not watched those mirrors :shock:

    its people like these, make-up toting P-plate bimbos and tradies/suits with mobiles surgically attached to their ears, that kill people...

    well done on the situational awareness, now u know how much it's worthwhile to pay attention!! :)
  4. wow fubar! lucky escape! i'm so paranoid about that happening! i'm gonna be hanging off my mirrors when i ride next on friday! very glad to hear you got out ok mate.
  5. good work on the evasive manouver (spelling?)

    some people (im not going to say cager cause i reckon its just people in general) are stupid.

    just a few weeks ago i was in the passenger seat of my mates car, sitting first in line at the red light. its a two lane road. to the right of us is a dude in a BA falcon readin a paper. on the other side of the intersection, our lane is clear, but his lane has cars backed up in it because some one has broken down.

    light goes green my mate drives off, so does the BA and BOOM! smacks straight up the arse of a car on the other side of the intersection. It was low speed, and apart from sore neck/backs i doubt either driver was hurt.

    i found it hillarious that some one could be so stupid as to not look directly infront of them (not even 10metres!) and ass ram another person.
  6. WOW - you're vigilant and very lucky at the same time. I'm so paranoid on the road - I check my mirrors every so seconds and keeping a massive buffer between everything that can move - even dog's on leeches.

    great story :)
  7. Man lucky escape, i too watch my mirrors at the lights, and thats a good reminder as to why, good going on saving your ass
  8. Thats a beauty. Haha the old 13k eject button.

    Good work, just goes to show how your not safe from any angle and keeping a look out might one day save your arse. Literally. :wink:
  9. Well done fubarcbr.

    Glad you are still here to pass on the experience to others.

    Many people have told me to ride as though everyone else on the road is stark, raving, unpredictably mad- and it seems it is the only way to ride.
  10. I thoiught the only way to ride was as if YOU were stark raving mad.

    Certainly works for me :D

    You've dodged a bullet on that one. Always keep an eye out for erratic drivers - you did all the right things to stay as far away from her as you could....
  11. ouch. i posted a similar story a week or so ago.

    very lucky mate and good for keeping your eyes peeled
  12. Great move and good to hear you're still shiny side up. Keeping an eye on whats behind me is something I do all the time now too and stories like this reinforce the good habits! Thanks!
  13. well done mate on using your skills and now found experience!!

    expect all cars to be erratic all the time.........."ride like you are invisible"

    At the lights is a really crazy place for things to happen and I can't stop thinkig about a non bike related crash I was a witness to about 15 years ago.

    I was the foreman on a North Sydney construstion site and we had to start very early.

    The job was on the corner of Miller street and Pacific Highway and this morning, we we "congregating" at this corner and for some reason we started watching this solitary car stopped at the lights as the driver looked as though he nodded off at 6.00am.

    Anyway, the lights went green and he still had no movement which really intrigued us. Another car came up behind and gave him a toot and he lurch up and planted it head on straight into the traffic contol lights on the opposite side of the intersection :driver: :LOL: :LOL:

    At that moment a female's head rose up from his "lap" with the most funniest WTF expression on her face and she opened the door and bolted. It seems she was giving the driver a "favour" :smileysex: :bolt:

    Needless to say,our group of about 6 of us fell to the footpath in hysterics before we could compose ourselves to help him..................no injuries, but how embarrassment :rofl: :rofl:

    I know this story is a little of topic, but it does demonstrate the things that can happen to those cosy car drivers.

  14. WOW :shock:

    How easily that could have been you, well done on being perceptive, and a lesson for all.
  15. Yep people are stupid. If you want to have fun try finding an intersection with a right turn lane. Sit in the left lane and when the right turn lane get there arrow drive forward a fraction - you'd be amazed at the number of times the car in the middle will think they've got a green and take off through the intersection (obviously should only be done if there's no right turning traffic on the other side - and even more fun if there happens to be a cop car at the intersection ;) :twisted: ).

    Oh and nice work avoiding becoming car glue fubarbcr.
  16. lol, was thisv the line that was moderated? :grin:

  17. Fubar, boy you must be relieved! Very nice escape.

    Or even dogs on leashes! :LOL: . I had that the other day - owner not holding the leash tight enough.

    Thanks for the story, Jeff :LOL:
  18. Someone was looking out for you on that day. I shows that leaving the bike in gear at the lights to take evasive action is a good thing. If you hadn't left the bike in 1st would you have been able to get away like you did?
  19. Thats a sweet one to tell the grandkids! Good skilz with the mirror watching too - well done. Hopefully that will serve as a lesson to the slag in the magna, sounds like no one was injured which is always a good thing. :)
  20. Oh my Goodness - After reading your story I am now so bloomin paranoid. I'm still getting used to riding the hog now I'm going to also be glued to the miirror at lights - Glad you're OK and great anticipation.