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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 00oli, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. I've noticed that there is a large disparity between prices in redbook and prices on sites like bikepoint and bikesales . In fact in many cases dealers try to charge almost RRP or even slightly over for used bikes, which seems slightly odd.

    I was wondering how much the preliminary prices get knocked down in the bargaining process generally? Also if there were any particular rules for haggling a price, or any tips people know of? I don't want to be rude to anyone in the community when buying, however also would prefer to pay a reasonable price and not be ripped off for not having the right knowledge.


  2. gday mate and welcome, i dont work at a dealer or anything. but on bikesales theres an option to value a bike if you know the make and model. it will give you a RRP and a private sale average price. All i can i suggest from my experience is just google + Netrider fourums were my Bible when i was started looking to into bikes.

    Knowledge is the key to not buying a lemon. :idea:

    Personally, i brought my bike (my first one :twisted: ) from A1 in ringwood. Haggeld with the guy a bit. Got him to throw in a free service, stamp duty, a new front seat, and rego paid for (just ran out of reg the week i picked it up) for $500 plus what the bike was priced at.

    theres guys here that if you ask nicley will come with you to look at a bike, just ask man. :grin:

    From experience with cars, and iv had a few :LOL: you can haggle alot more with a private sell, just wave the cash =P~

    hope iv helped somewhat.
  3. When buying new.

    I'd spend enough time to pick the model you're set on.

    Wait till the end of the month hoping the need for the salesman to meet a quota will push them to negotiate more.

    Ring every dealer accessible to you asking for a ride away price based on putting a deposit down that day.

    Go to dealer and do the paperwork.

    When buying used - more problematic as it's harder to compare a bikes due to accesories, k's, condition etc.

    Try not to have a trade in - better off selling privately.

    Wait till end of month.

    Have cash in your pocket.

    Allow for a lots of test riding and looking.

    Get the bike inspected by an expert.

    Only talk price after the inspection so you can point out any flaws and put pressure on the price.

    Be prepared to walk out on the deal - there's always another bike.

    Good luck - one last thing. When you've bought it don't talk about the deal. There's always some goose who got it for less or knew someone who did. Just be content that you did your best and enjoy it.
  4. Well said
  5. also remember that its not a car. no one is going to knock a couple grand off the price. I recon $500 is the max. If they wont budge on price then go for bigger discounts on gear if you need it, or servicing etc. stuff they can easily absorb into their bottom line.

    the whole wwait till the end of the month thing is also a great little tip.
    walk away. if your really really keen you can always come back.
  6. Very true, i saved a shiet load off my gear because i got it from the same dealer i got the bike from. :idea:
  7. I offered 85% of the asking price for my bike (private sale) despite thinking the asking price was 20% lower than it should've been!

    The deal was struck and a few people have commented on how I got a bargain.

    It helps to pour over the ads for a few weeks and be ready to pounce with a pocket full of cash when you find the right bike. Make sure you know what a bike of that age/mileage/condition should be worth and move quickly when the right machine shows up at the right price!
  8. The above is all good advice.

    The prices on redbook etc aren't always a good reflection, I find that if you enter the details on some of the insurance sites for a quote it will give you their market value for the bike. It may be worth a look. You just need to consider the condition K's etc when purchasing a 2nd hand bike.

    Also a lot of the new bike prices quoted aren't ride away, you may need to add rego or CTP etc so seeing a 2nd hand bike for similar dollars could account for some/all of this.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help on this site or see if there is a local meet next to you, you can go and speak to other riders before you purchase. When I was in your boots I found there were heaps of guys that were happy to come and check out bikes. Just ask around.

    Good luck.
  9. Just remember that the dealer will always haggle longer in a 'happy' negotiation. The longer you haggle, the more you win.
    Turn it hostile and you will lose.
    The one that speaks the most loses the most. State your case, and wait for a response, then wait some more. then respond.

    A smile works wonders at getting discounts.
    A line I have used at the right time, to the right customer (decades in car trade) is to tell an aggro customer that there is a nice person discount and an 'arsehole' discount.
    The nice person discount is better - I reckon you qualify for that one, lets talk some more. settles everyone down and negotiations commence.

    Keep it a happy conversation, and let the dealer do the talking. You will walk out with more.
  10. thanks for the tips pete - i suck at haggling. I just end up saying "well whats your best price?" then "well this is how much i have, are you sure thats your best price?"

    last time i bought a bike cover the guy gave me like 25% off when all i said was "humm well i wasnt expecting to pay quite that much"
  11. me: "whats the best price you can do me on theese"
    salesman: "$5 off"

    :( Haggle fail
  12. Dont get agro. be nice about, but dont try to be so friendly like he is your bestest buddy. Its so fake. Dont be pushy about it too.

    Most sales people are more happy to have value added (free this and that thrown in) than slashing prices.
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