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Haggling on price

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Dunit, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    I'm about to buy my first scooter (very excited by the way) and was wondering about something that is pretty normal in the car buying world - haggling on price.
    Might sound like a dumb question, but is it normal to haggle in the same fashion with a scooter or is it pretty much that you pay the sticker price? In theory I imagine you do have a bit of price negotiation going on, but then again the number of scooter shops is no where near the number of car dealerships so maybe there's a different market etiquitte?

    I'm in Melbourne and am looking at a Scarabeo 250 (new) if that makes any difference.

    Thanks for your advice!

  2. Yes you certainly haggle. But you're haggling for alot smaller amounts obviously, since the tag price is very low compared to cars.

    And be sure to haggle a bit when buying your gear, if you buy all of it from the same place you can save a decent chunk.
  3. Same as for a car.

    Compare similar scoots to what you want for price at other dealers nearby, use this knowledge to inform them you can get a better deal elsewhere. Do your research first!

    Given that scoots are so popular, it may be tricky to haggle a lot off a price. Prolly try for gear thrown in as mentioned. I never pay ticket prices, and always take the view that the ticket price is set to allow for haggling. Plus it's fun and hey, I'm not there to make friends with them.
  4. The margins aren't huge so they don't have much room to play. You might get an ex demo or a soon to be out of date model at a better price, but more likely they might chuck in some accessories or give you a decent discount on them.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys, will certainly take all that on board. I look forward to my new scooter and the adventures it will bring!
  6. You will most lekely not be ab;e to negotiate the price down much, margins are way to thin.

    However as others have said, accessories etc can be reduced substantially if you purchase them at the same time as the scooter. I saved 30% on a Nolan N42 helmet that way
  7. Yep I've been thinking about the idea of haggling with the gear in mind - I have a good armoured jacket already, but will need a helmet and gloves so hopefully I can use that part as leverage.

    Thanks again :)
  8. Hey Dunit, did you buy the scarabeo? I am also looking at buying one but have a few issues, 1 being that I cannot test ride so how do i know if it is a good ride. Opinions appreciated
  9. Hello gaz. I test rode the Scarabeo 250 about 10 weeks ago. I wanted to upgrade from a 125. I needed to know that I could overtake with ease on hills as I live in Tassie, also wanted to get past slower vehicles quickly. So I tried the scarabeo. Initially feelings were of comfort and plenty of room for my legs. The footboard was much lower than i was used to. Very manoeuvrable, great on cornering. I rode for half an hour. Up hill and down dale. I floored it on the flat.... 125kms... I floored it uphill...110kms. This effectively blew it for me.. I really liked it so much but I need more power. So it was back to the drawing board for me.
  10. thanks 2troo, I am going to try another dealer and see if they can give me a test ride. As I am 166cm only touch the road up to balls of feet, did not give me great comfort. I intially have looked at scarabeo as it has all the features I am after. If you and any one else can recommend another scooter I would be interested. I have only just got my L's and I am female.
  11. I've bought a few new cars and one scoot and found the best point to haggle on is servicing.

    I've got at least three years of free servicing including all parts and labour on the cars. Servicing for the scoot was for 1000k 3000k and 6000k services again including all parts and labour, paid the ticket price but (so long as they don't disappear) I figure I should be well in front.
  12. Gaz I know that the yamaha majesty and suzuki burgman are low AS. Which really helps with confidence. I am still on my 'L's and riding a 500cc T-Max which weighs over 200kg.. this can make it tricky, toes touch the same as yours though I am taller.. the skoot is quite tall. What I conciously do is make sure I stop on falt spots.. no stopping on a hump in the road or my feet wont reach before the weight has to be caught. I have been riding this large machine for 10 weeks and had no near misses.. just gotta think first.
  13. G'day Gaz,

    I surely did! Just got the 1000km service last week actually (it's loosened up a lot in that time I've noticed too). Basically... it's great! Ride is excellent and has lots of power. When I got the service last week I was given a bolwell 200 of some description as a loaner and the smaller wheels made it feel like it handled like a shopping trolley and was just generally dated looking and feeling compared to the Scarabeo.
    I think in another post you mentioned you were 166cm tall.. I"m about 20cm taller and I can sit with my feet flat on the ground but I think you might be stretching a bit which might become tiring.

    Overall tho - fantastic scooter and I'd certainly recommend it. I got the "ie" version which has 14" at the back and 16" front, with electronic injection and a fair bit of storage under the seat.
    The other model is the "non ie" (also called the GT model) which has 2 x 16" wheels BUT is not injected and has NO storage space at all (does come with a topbox to compensate though). :)
  14. Hey Dunit,

    I bit the bullet so to speak and bought the scarabeo, they lowered the bike, has 20mm capacity for this. I have found that I am touching the ground with confidence. I just love my scoot. Building up to ride to work at this stage, but soon should ride just about everywhere, well except for the weekly shooping would not look cool with seven green bags hanging off...lol
  15. How much did they lower the scooter? Im looking at one of these, but im fairly short also (about 170cm)...
  16. Hi Gibbz, They lowered it 20mm, not much on paper but a world of difference on the bike. You should have no problem. If you live in Melbourne try the guys in Oakleigh.
  17. G'day Gaz,

    Good one! They are great scooters. I've only been riding since late last year and although I think I still need practice taking corners at any decent speed, my confidence around traffic, general awareness and riding skill has increased a lot since then.
    It's like when you first started to drive a car - extremely nervous at first, have no idea of the dimensions of the car, etc. Then one day you realise it's coming together without having to think about every little thing you do.

    Oh and if it's any help, I actually rode to work one Sunday morning where there were no cars on the road as a practice. The next monday was a LOT easier for my first 'real' go.

    Hope you enjoy it :)
  18. Im in Adelaide, still looking around for them here. Ive seen some around, but have no idea where people are getting them from...
  19. Hey Gibbz,
    try the aprilia web site in australia.

    that's how i found my guys.

    Good luck, let me know how you get on