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haggishonda is back!!after hoddle st crash last Dec' 11th

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by haggisladdie, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Im back.. my fireblade was written off a few weeks ago.
    I just purchased a Suzuki SV 1000s last wknd.
    Needless to say I am in the process of having my user name changed from haggishonda as I no longer have a honda.. I am gonna change to haggisladdie in the near future..
    For those of you needing a refresh..I was the one who posted "side swiped on hoddle st" last december.. mates with geordielass who helped me with my bike and belongings right after I was hit..
    Anyway..I will be making more of an effort to be on here and I am in the NTh burbs so I will be heading to the preston coffee(sunday) soon,,

  2. glad to hear you are back on a bike. :)
  3. thanks haggis...ha ha... funny to be talking to someone with the same name(almost)..ya got good taste.. are you from Scotland?..I moved here 3.5 yrs ago from Edinburgh...where is Dulwich hill?,...
  4. Yep, from Scotland. Stirling. Been here since 1972, think I might stay :wink:
    Dulwich Hill is in Sydney about 6km from the CBD
  5. welcome back, the most important question is which bike is more fun?
    fireblade or sv1000??

    (ohh and what made you change from the inline 4 to a v twin.)
  6. deffo the SV 1000.. I feel a lot more in control..and boy..does it make noise... I need to go collect the baffles for the exhausts from the shop..the guy who had it ready for me the day I picked it up didnt know where they were so I need to go back to get them,,and in the mean time.. wear ear plugs..
  7. cool..Stirling huh.. nice place.. FREEDOM!!!!!...hehe hehe..go the wallace..and the bruce of course.. he was a battler...hehe..