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Haggis is heading south

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by haggis, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Yes folks, watch out. I'll be in Victoria for about a week, hoping to catch up with some of you Netriders. I'll be cruising around, doing the touristy thing, looking to get to Ballarat and Bendigo especially. I'm hoping to come along on the Great Ocean Rd ride on the 10th. So look out for a yellow Hornet 600 and give me a wave!

  2. Hey Haggis...I'm sure I owe you a beer - or at least a coffee when you come down... :grin:

    When do you get here...? :grin:
  3. how long are you staying :cool:
  4. I'll only be in Melbourne on the Saturday 10th, Sunday possibly Monday, well at least thats what I think. I haven't set my travel plans in stone yet. I'll be staying with friends in Cobargo NSW for a couple of days this week, then heading over the Snowies and onto country Victoria
  5. Enjoy the trip away - plenty of good roads in that lot

    Stay safe and look forward to some pics when you get back
  6. Satuday coffee night is St.Kilda and you haven't really been to melbourne without seeing Fitzroy St on a Saturday night. :)

    If that helps. :grin: :LOL:
  7. sunday coffee :p you havent experienced the netrider scene untill you have met rose :)
  8. Well I'll have to try and get to them both :)
  9. But I'm still her favorite. :)
  10. but she still gave me a kiss ;)
  11. Is Rose the same person as Rosie V7? If so I've met her
  12. nah she is a waitress

    no wait, she is THE waitress.

  13. Well I'm now in Bairnsdale, came over the Great Alpine Road today. That is a great ride. Only bad point was the mist at Mount Hotham was very thick, in some parts I reckon visibility would have been 10 feet. Still, a very enjoyable day. I'm planning to get to Melbourne late tomorrow night.
    Keep the weather nice for me :grin:
  14. Well I had a great trip, covered 3490 kms in 10 days. Victoria is a great place for motorbike riding. After hearing the Melbourne riders talk endlessly :wink: about Reefton/Black Spur I finally got to see and feel what they meant, brilliant :grin:
    Thanks to Voyager for the ride to Meredith, Ughboots for his spectacular off and I finally got to meet Geordielass and Vic (what a combo!) I also got to meet Rose at Casa Bella, thanks to Eswen and Seany and the rest of the group at Northland.
    Till next time
  15. Hey Haggis,
    Where are those photo's...?
    Great to meet you & spend some times chewin the fat :grin: