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Haggis - accident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by haggis, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. this is haggis co worker
    he just wants to let you know,he had an acciedenr 26/5/06
    on the oxley hwy.
    he is now at St George private hospital ward 1 south room 102a
    phone number 95985102
    i'sure he would like to hear from any of you
    regards james

  2. Not too badly hurt I hope??

    How's the bike??
  3. well if the accident was 2 wekes ago and hes still in hospital that would surely give some indication of how he is???!!?! can someone find out some more details please???
  4. Tell him to get out of bed and that he's a big nancy boy.
  5. Shit beans.

    Dammit, I'm going down to Canberra today, but I'll give him a call when I get back and try to pop in and see how he's doing (though I do hope he is well out of hospital by the time I get back).

    If you could give him my best wishes in the meantime, it would be most appreciated.
  6. Dennis hit a kangaroo.

    He has a broken collarbone, broken sternum, three broken ribs, broken thumb, punctured lung and extensive bruising.

    He's a bit short of breath, but I'm sure he'd be glad of a call on the number listed
  7. Thanks for the update James

    I just called the number - it goes straight to Haggis.

    He'd love to hear from you.

    Brief rundown;

    Haggis was heading to South West Rocks and had come down Oxley Hwy and at 3.30pm, just before Wauchope (Ginger Creek) he remembers a roo in front of him - from there it gets a bit hazy.

    Chopper airlifted him to Port Macq hospital where he has been for two weeks and he has just been transferred to St George

    Bike is a write off - forks snapped.

    Give him a buzz, am sure he'd like to hear from you.

    Glad you are on the mend Haggis and we wish you a full and speedy recovery
  8. thanks guys, anyone who gives him a call please pass on my best wishes (im at work and cant call)
  9. Yeah I just been trying to get thru to him too. Finally talked to him and he does sound tired. He says he's going to be OK and gave me the basic run down as above. Oxley Hwy, roo, blue skies, pain..... He sounds like he's in good spirits and thanks everyone for their concern and well wishes. Just goes to show, it can happen to anyone, even one as safe as Dennis. Get well soon mate. You've got a beer waiting for at the HBB when you're up to it....

  10. just spoke to him !

    The female nurses there have put a attendance ban on him ! . . Cheeky bastard he is !! hahahaha ! :grin:

    Seriously though, he is in good spirits and really appreciates everyone calling.

    I told him we are organising a ride there on the weekend to cheer him up !! Bill, wanna leave from North West and meet other along the way ???

    LETS DO IT !!!

  11. I just called him. He has no scars, but plenty of bruises. He has plenty of broken bones but plaster on nothing but his thumb. He'll be in for another couple of weeks. I asked what his next bike is going to be and he hasn't thought about that. Living without the internet is a bit rugged, he said.
  12. God, with those injuries it must hurt to do no more than breathe. :shock:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  13. Sounds extremely painful. My best wishes go out to him. As a friendly bit of advice, if you're even the remotest bit sick with a cough, don't go and visit him and ring him instead. Him coughing with those sorts of injuries is near murder.

    So I take it that Skippy is now no longer haggis's friend ever true?
  14. Another netrider falls prey to Australia's most dangerous predator, the Road-Roo.
  15. I tell you what it was good to see that the phone was engaged when I first tried calling and I bet it was a Netrider. I'm sure Haggis is extremely grateful for all the calls he has been receiving from the people here.

    Just talked to him then and he sounds in good spirits. He said a nurse just happened to be the first one on the scene and she did everything right, and that he has been well taken care of since then, so thats extremely good to know.

    He said that the doctor felt he might be in hospital for another week, then he is looking into putting him into a nursing home!! :LOL: I said I would ask my Mum for a recommendation for a good one where they don't bathe you in kero/metho :p. But the nursing home is mainly for rehabilitation and physiotherapy reasons.

    Best of luck to him, and my next drink will be towards a speedy recovery and ongoing good health.
  16. Okay, heres the deal !

    There is National Geographic shop nearby, i'll be buying one of those blow up kangaroos and present it to him ! :LOL:
  17. Did anybody else feel that 3:30 is a bit early for the average roo to be out and about? I have always thought that the risk was pretty low until around sundown, but not any more! I'm gonna be a lot more careful in 'roo country' from now on. :shock: That sounds like a world class off, I really feel for the poor bugger, especially the broken sternum, he's lucky not to have serious internal injuries....... :cry:
  18. Not really. They'll be out at any time of the day or night, but dawn and dusk are when the risk is far higher.

    The roo that was collected by the V8 at Bathurst was around mid-arvo, and not even the roar of the racing acted as a deterrent.
  19. Yeah Inci, I live out here in the sticks and have done for some time. Usually the danger period is from Dusk till Dawn (good title that!) But I have hit them at 0930 in the middle of summer when it had been light for nearly 4 1/2 hours! It's unlikly but not unheard of and just simple bad luck. They get used to things really easily and become complacent (just like some cage drivers).

    When I lived in Longreach the bloke next door hit a roo on his TT350 at about 120km/h. Put him in a coma for just under 2 months. He got out of hospital, picked up the insurance cheque and straight down to the Yammie dealer to get another TT350! Man, that guy could mono! Around corners and everything for as long as he wanted. Ok sorry about the flash-back.

    Hope Haggis gets better quick with nothing permanant left over. Bloody roos should be shot! Oh wait I've already done that... :wink:
  20. Mick,
    I'm keen to pay him a visit but it wouldn't be until either tomorrow arvo or sunday around lunch. Also, I wouldn't know how to get to St George Hospital so if you know that would be good. Otherwise, we can just follow the stench to the Haggis....