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Had to resist BREAKING HIS JAW, dammit!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JenStarlette, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. The NERVE!

    I didnt know what to do!?

    I was riding behind a car along Mickleham Rd, tucked into the right hand side of the lane (preparing to overtake) when the driver infront of me spat out of his window.. Ofcourse I wore it..

    After some demonstrations of how to break the law.. I sped up the side yelling obsceneties out my helmet :roll: waving my arm..

    We pulled up to a red light further down the road. Having that being the worst thing I've experienced on the road.. how the hell do I avoid kicking down the side stand and walking over to break his jaw?!

    Has anyone ever had anything like this happen?

    I had a lot of trouble controlling my rage.. And I know it probably didnt help the situation but that was just plain rude!
  2. Problem is, if you retaliate, he's in a ton and a half of steel and you're very vulnerable on your bike.....
  3. Ive never been very good at handling being spat on :mad:
  4. Hmmmm, can't say Ive ever had anyone spit out the window at me, but ask strech what happened to the guy that threw his cig butt out the window in Heidelberg one sunny sunday arvo...lol, lucky I didn't smash his window.
  5. get over it. it wasn't personally aimed at you.
  6. He's actually told me about that once before.. I dont blame you for going off!

    Everytime I see someone flick their cig butts out the window it reminds me of what happened to you..
  7. I was once riding my bicycle along a shared footpath/cycleway and as I overtook this guy, he hocked the biggest lugey right onto my thigh. :shock:

    I've stopped riding, jumped off and flicked it back at him, called him something not very nice and he apologised about 24 times in a minute.

    I think it was a massive case of poor timing on his behalf, and bad luck on my behalf. I still shudder when I think about it.
  8. Yes it was :grin:
  9. that is pretty foul.
    i have a complete hatred of people who spit in public. It is filthy and disgusting and makes me angry.

    BUT, NAM is right. Wasnt intended to hit you so probably best to move on.
  10. I understand your feeilngs, but if you'd put your stand down he would have just backed over your bike. Unfortunately what paul said is true, you're a lot more vulnerable than he is. Don't let the B#@*%^ds win by getting to you.
  11. Lack of intent is no excuse - the very fact they were spitting out the window shows they have f-all respect for anyone else. They're usually the type of people who are the most dangerous drivers on the road too.
  12. meh, no worse than getting bird pooped or stepping on chewy. actually, chewy that ends up on your footpeg is THE worst!
  13. Spitting is a disgusting habit unless you’re making a porno, but to spit on someone on purpose is . . . . . . I cannot even find the words, let’s just say that if you broke in to my house and proceeded to kick my dog, slap my kids, **** my wife, and then steal my car, I wouldn’t be as angry as being spat on.
  14. I think what we need here is immersion therapy. C'mere. (hhhhhawk)
  15. Ewwww, pretty disgusting but yeah probably wasn't aimed at you personally.
  16. Isnt being shit on by a bird considered good luck?
  17. Oh, that's just as well George, I was meaning to talk to you about that. Is Rover walking again?
  18. Yeah its good luck, good luck for the bird.
  19. Right :roll: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. I knew it was you mate as you got the scenario all mixed up and did the dog instead of the wife, rover looks like a dog but he walks like a crab now & the wife complains of neglect :LOL:

    for the record there is no wife kids or dog.