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Had to happen- went for a slide

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BiX, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Well it had to happen this morning, was on the way to work, and went for a slide. Was following a car along a widesh bit of road, he braked and moved from the far left towards the middle of the left lane, assuming (mother of all stuff ups!!!), he was going to swing left like 95% of all the other cars do each morning( iwould assume you would move to the middle of the road to turn right!), checked ahead and moved to the middle of the road to go past, just as he puts on his right indicator and swings right.

    In hindsight, i should have stayed back until he made a move properly rather than assuming. Thinking back, if i also got of the brakes i may have been able to countersteer my way around him. But hindsight is a great thing!

    But the oggy knobs worked well, the Rh indicator, bar end, rear brake lever are gone. Scratch on the front fairing and exhaust and front mud gurad (if it didn't get stuck under his car there woud be no damage to fairing or front guard). Brand new X11 helemt got a bump and scratched.

    Me little bit of gravel rash on my right hip where the jacket rode up and thats about it. (had alot worse on mountain bikes than this!!)

    Any good body shops to do some touch ups in brisbane?
  2. Glad to hear you are ok BiX and not too much damage to you or your bike.

    This is a gentle reminder that we can never assume what the drivers around us are going to do and it is best to play it safe out there.

    Too many rider down posts lately :cry:
  3. great that ur not to scratched up urself. take it easy wont u.
  4. Bummer Bix :(

    But on the good side, your OK, and the bike seems only lightly damaged.

    Big plus is that you didn't just blame the driver, who seemed a bit of a knob, but you took the time to run through the "what ifs" and came up with some sound alternatives.

    That means you survived, and learnt from the experience, and that's a big bonus.

    Sorry, can't help with body shops in Brisvegas tho.

  5. glad to hear your ok, thats the main thing :) the bike will fix up no problems and be good as new :)
  6. Darn :( Glad to hear you're ok and the bike isn't too badly damaged... Oggy knobs seem to save SV's a fair bit!
  7. Glad to hear you're OK.

    Body shops, try Silverstar in Wynnum. They have been recommended to me by quite a few people, and if it wasn't for the insurance people wanting me to go to Brisbane Bikes, I would have taken mine there.
  8. Good to hear you're ok and the bike isn't too banged up.
    ...erm.... any pics? :roll:
  9. Insurance cover the repairs?
  10. Cheers thanks for that. just sorted with Snaggles from the Sv forum for a new lever and bar ends, so bike will be rideable this weekend. and i already have a spare indicator. The body work can wait a few months and i will upgrade the exhaust at the end of the year. Probably not put it trhough insurance, i don't think it will be much more than my excess, and might as well make sure i go upt o rating 1 next year on the bike.

    Just got to make a decision on teh helmet. not sure if its a slide mark (eg no impact) or a knock to it, and whether i should replace it straight away, wait a while, or not worry at all.
  11. yeah funny thing helmets, cant remember where i read it but depends on how big your "bump" was. My last crash i was pretty lucky and just slid on my ass over a curb and onto a grass.

    But damn helmets arnt cheap and it may be worth putting in a claim (does your insurance company cover your rididng gear?)and getting everything. Im sure the money you save on getting the fairing's fixed, exhaust is surely going to be more of a saving then droping a rating.
  12. How come it had to happpen that morning :?:

    Glad to hear you are OK

    Cheers :cool:
  13. because last night my father commented that he thought i wasg oing to have a accident in the next month or so. Just starting to free up after riding for 3 months.
  14. Glad you and the bike aren't too badly damaged.

    Was there any damage to the car that your bike slid under?
  15. bumper popped off, he just popped it back on.
  16. Glad to hear you are ok.

    I wouldn't take a risk with the helmet.
    Any off you have while wearing the helmet and it makes contact with the ground means that it has done its job.
    Best you change it.

    Good to hear you had the maturity and the foresight to look at your off analytically.
    I'd also give your dad a mouthfull too as he "jinxed" you.