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had to change my underpants :(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ONE, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. I went for a nice relaxing ride after work this arvo up the putty and i was on my way back at colo heights somewhere along there in the good bit not too sure where.
    Anyways i come over this crest at posted speed limits of course :) and there is this doodle head stoped in the middle of the road.
    So i was on the anchors and luckily pulled up short i couldnt go in the other lane as there was oncoming traffic and armco to the left
    I was stoped right behind him and he still didnt move i even gave him a beep.
    So once the traffic was clear i went around him on double white lines as he was still stationary,as i didnt fancy having some nut come flying up behind me and taking me out.
    What was this person thinking i have no idea.
    all i know is i have brown underpants now lol.

  2. You have to wonder about the thought processes of some people. If you had hit him the news articles would have probably gone along the lines of: "Another motorcycle accident on Putty Road/Bike hits car on popular motorcycle road".
  3. Ever think he may have just.. broken down? Unless I didnt understand your post then HURR to me.

    Deadsy.. it'll probably always be announced as our fault =[
  4. Nah would've read something along the lines of "Biker hits car whilst traveling eleventy billions km/h, innocent law abiding smart car driver hit again".
  5. Yep!!.."speed kills" headline... Even tho the offending vehicle was stationary at the time!...:-s
  6. Trent you should have stopped in front of him and revved your 2-stroke like the dickens and given him something to think about - And if he had his window or vents open perhaps something to smell too. (y)

    Good job not running into him. +1 for e-stop practise!

    Fun Ha!
  7. why did you not stop to see why... he was stoped there ...and help push the car to a safe place so the next rider,drive, dident have to stop in the middle of the road....i allways stop to help out if i can,....as for stopping in front of the car and revving your bike why do shit like that ...dick heads like that only give bikers a bad name,,remeber what goes around comes around..one day you are going to be stranded at the side of the road and you will be hopeing someone will stop to help ,,,,,,
  8. Yeah was going to say are you sure he was alive? Sufficiently unusual to be stopped like that, that id have at least asked if all was well.
    The last i saw something like that the guy had an aneurism and died at the wheel, and 1000s of cars just went around until i finally stopped to see what was up.
  9. no shit, wouldn't you at least look in the window on your way past?
  10. Lol i forgot to mention once i was stoped and beeped he moved about half a metre and stoped again
    He looked fine when i rode past
    And there was no where safe to pull over as armco is right on side of the road there
    after almost shiting myself i didnt even think to see if he was allright i was prety worked up
    And i didn want to risk pulling up to his window and having myself exposed on the other side of the road in case more traffic came along