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Had to avoid a head on this morning...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. ...because of one of our senior citizen deciding she didn't like the direction the four lanes were travelling, so she decided to do a u-turn and head in my direction. This is on the road that goes around Parliament house (Adelaide Avenue) for anyone that is familar, around a constant turn going under bridges etc, CLEARLY one-way. Thank god there was no traffic behind me, but the pillion on back made the emergency braking a little extra fun. Waved my arm around and stuff doing the turn around signal, etc, nup, just travelled along on her merry way into oncoming traffic. Not like I could turn around and tell the silly old bat either!

    Bring on mandatory license re-checking...
  2. :shock: Reminds me of the lol who drove her car down onto the platform at Bondi Junction Railway Station a couple of years ago :shock:

    just as well you were alert :).
  3. How the hell do you do that? Aren't they all under ground??
  4. Had that microsecond to comprehend what was actually happening in front of me and it all just kicked in thankfully. Good case for filtering actually because I'd put a decent gap on the traffic behind me so thankfully there was no one to smack me up the rear at 80-90km/h. I hope there wasn't a crash afterwards, cause it's a blind curve, given Parliament House is in the middle of it!
  5. :shock: holy moses, she must have been lucky not to clean someone up around there! I think a similar thing happened a couple of months ago, a van was going the wrong way on that same section. I have no idea how anyone could possibly get confused, it's pretty obvious (and I think it has been that way since parliament house was built, over 20 years ago).

    A friend of mine drove the wrong way down the federal highway once, she got confused somehow and got pissed off when people flashed their lights at her, she still maintains that she is a good driver :roll:
  6. There is nothing about old age, that looks remotely appealing.
  7. Mmm I had a similar moment of wtfness last week.. I used the sliplane to pull onto wakehurst parkway (2 lanes each way at this point, divided by a solid concrete barrier).

    This lady had somehow gotten herself onto the WRONG SIDE of the road, and was just cruising along... WTF! This wasn't late at night, about 9am in the morning with normal traffic. Can't believe how incapable some people are.
  8. was the last time she droe on it 17 yeras ago when it was still single carriage???

    jesus nathan i haven't seen anyone find these numpties around town like you do :LOL:
  9. This would have happened around 2001-2002, she was visiting from the UK so she had never driven that road before... I'm still not sure what she was thinking about at the time (not much I suspect).
  10. lol do you really wanna know what she was thinking anyway? some things are better left unsaid :LOL:
  11. A NR's wife was killed the same way GS5hundy.
  12. Bondi Junction Railway Station IS underground. The lol drove her car through the open doorway, DOWN A FLIGHT OF STEPS and onto the platform. Police reported her as being 'confused' when they arrived at the scene :shock:.

    Speaking of nearly having a head-on, I was nearly cleaned up on Macquarie Pass yesterday afternoon on the way home from work. I was in the car and two trucks following nose to tail were heading up to the first hairpin and the second was two-thirds the way across into my lane. I jammed on the brakes and held my breath between a rock wall and a moving truck. The driver had no intention of stopping, and I have no doubt that if he had hit me, he would have kept driving.....
  13. :shock:

  14. Dude, it's a gift I'd rather not have!!
  15. That's terrible, RIP. Just makes it even worse that people are allowed to just go on unchecked like this, yet 'speed' is to blame for most accidents. What a cop out.

    I've been checking the news and no word if there was an accident so hopefully everything turned out ok.
  16. I think that'd be a pretty weird wtf feeling GS5hundy...seeing a car heading towards you when you know cars shouldn't be heading towards you. :shock:

    Here on the Island we often get tourists going around the roundabouts the wrong way. :LOL:

    Sth Gippy hwy last wk someone had to run off the rd when they realised they were on the wrong side of the hwy and were about to have a head on.
  17. Sure was! Hence that micro-moment to comprehend what was happening before jamming on the brakes! Like ugh, i should be looking at tail lights, not headlights!!

    That's the thing, she just kept plodding along even after another car past her!!
  18. I wonder if that old joke played out whereby her husband heard about it on the radio & rang her mobile to warn her - "Mildred, be careful. I just heard there's an idiot on the wrong side of the road going around Parliament House".
    Mildred - "One?!!? There's hundreds of them!!"

  19. Must be Canberra. Mate had this happen to him years ago in Canberra, except the old driver caused a six car pile up because of it. Mate avoided it by going for teh median strip.
    I personally feel ALL drivers should be tested every five years, with NO leniencey for any bad habits picked up.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. Holy crap - that's insane. I fairly regularly use that road, and sometimes at pace.

    Well done on surviving. I'm sure you would have wanted to take out some anger after that - sucks you didn't get to inform her of her wrongs...