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had my scariest moment ever today

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by KharmaKazi, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. posted in another section that my work truck broke down the other day.
    so off today with the mechanic to pick it up, hour and a half away.
    managed to get it back to the workshop ok.

    In the meantime i'm having to use another one of our other branches trucks, a small 6 pallet truck.
    i was coming back from a delivery this arvo empty sitting on 100kph "110kph zone"
    it was blowing a gale here in S.A.
    a big gust of wind hit the back of the truck and spun me round 180deg on the bitumen, then i ended up on the grass in the middle of the road and did another 180deg.
    it's just lucky for me and other cars that it happened where it did.
    i don't know how i didn't roll it. i had no time to do anything, it happened in a matter of seconds.
    i ended up in the middle strip of road/grass facing the right way. had a cpl of cars pull over to see if i was ok.
    i gave them a wave and merged back in to traffic, shaking like a leaf and sat on 50kph all the way back to work.

    now to be honest i really probably shouldn't been doing 100kph with the conditions like they were, but id'e left my work keys back at work and trying to get back to work before they locked up on me.

    i'm just so glad no one else got hurt and i have learn't a big lesson. drive to the conditions.

    anyone in S.A. take care on the roads as it's pretty shocking out there at the moment.
    i saw another van that had been pushed into a pole near work too, i'm sure the wind would have been a major factor in that too. .
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  2. Wow! Assume the truck has full slab sides or sails, not a flat back truck.
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  3. yep chillibuttonchillibutton, it's a Tautliner, so it acted like a sail
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  4. Glad your ok that's some bad ass weather
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  5. wow dude - sometimes it just doesn't matter how careful you are!

    imagine trying to explain that to the insurance company or cops, in NSW you'd get a neg driving ticket. :confused:
  6. I just don't get the mentality of charging everyone who drops there bike with neg driving. Do they charge cyclists who drop their bike? What about 5yo kids learning to ride their pushes as well? What a fcuking moronic law!
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  7. Cheers JeffcoJeffco (y)

    yeah i'm sure they would of fined me chilliman64chilliman64, any excuse to get money out of you, i think the rule goes something like if your on the road and have an accident your at some fault no matter how it happened lol.
    i haven't stopped thinking about just how lucky i actually was, but hey i'm still alive and i will learn from it :)
    i have a camera in the other truck, wish i had it in this one to be able to play it back.
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  8. That's like the call out fees..

    OP, glad you're ok.
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  9. ooooo that would have been excellent viewing if you had your camera in this truck! but first and foremost good to hear you are okay!
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  10. yep spewing i don't have any footage of it :(
    got to use the same truck tomorrow and strong winds forecast again, this time i have to go up through the hills, not looking forward to it.
    hope i make it home as i really don't feel safe in it...
  11. Wowee KharmaKaziKharmaKazi , glad you're ok to tell the tale!
    By yourself a lottery ticket!
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  12. That's crazy KharmaKaziKharmaKazi. Glad you are ok. I would've needed to change my pants after that, for sure.
  13. Thanks SuperduckSuperduck ValvolineValvoline and katekate
    took your advise ValvolineValvoline and bought a lotto ticket on the way home tonight, i made it home lol, i didn't go over 85kph all the way. it was an extremely long and boring day.
    it was blowing it's guts out again in the Murray :( lots of big trees down on the way up the hills in the Hahndorf, Mt Barker area.

    yep it was a close call katekate, but no stains in the undies lol :p
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  14. Man, you need to ditch the truck and get a bike... ;)
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  15. yep would love to, but a bit hard to deliver pallets on the bike lol :p
  16. Pfft, you just don't have the balance.

    (Ok, other way round, but you get my drift)
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  17. OMG, that is seriously tuff lol :p
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