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Had My First Tankslap!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BalmyBrowny, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. As the title says. had my first brown pants tankslap. Was goin through a round a bout on the way home from work on friday night. Not too far from home. There was a car in the left lane and i was in the right. we both went into the round a bout. just after i tipped, lo an behold there was a rock right in the middle of my line. tyre just caught the edge of it and bam! right hand then left hand hit the tank! i'm thinking thank god for a new front tyre for plenty of grip to not slide out after that. and the 'ole loosey goosey arms to not fight it. somehow managed to stay on the bike and get upright again. Rode at about 45k/h the rest of the way home. heart racing away. thought for sure that i was gonna go over the bars.

    Just wanted to share my biggest holy crap moment to date. Glad it was only a holy crap an not a stack :grin:

  2. Talent. Didn't know you could get a tank slapper on a 250! Might be worth checking your suspension, if it's adjustable - just to make sure both forks are set the same. Tyre pressure too!

    Good thing you're ok though. :D
  3. i know the pressure is fine. don't know anything about suspension so don't know if its soft or anything out of the ordinary. not sure if they adjustable anyway? Lucky gettin new bike soon :wink:

    i didn't think i could tank slap it either till it happened :(
  4. Any bike will get a slapper in those circumstances.
  5. YAY!!!!
    i mean, :shock:
    just two oscillations? having ridden eighties sports bikes, i'd only call that a twitch!! :p :LOL:
  6. I have gone through a similar thing (at night). I was just coming out of a round about round the corner from my place and I had to lean left to exit the round about. As soon as I leaned in and start to come out of the left then(and twist of wrist) I see a pice of wood about 3inch long and 1inch thick right in my path. I had no time to do anything so just hit it. Once I hit it my bike just twitched abit. It wasnt bad at all. It was like you described (might not b as bad though).

    Anyhow, bith of us got out ok. Thats the important part.
  7. he he joel. i guess in most people terms of a real tank slap it would be called a twitch. Just a big one :p

    Glad you came out of yours as well sweeris. damn round a bouts!!! so much fun and so dangerous! well maybe jsut for us ;)
  8. Ah yes, my GTR has given me a few uncommanded high speed oscillations too, usually when you least expect it and have one hand on the bars! Seems they are worse when the meat frequency dampers are not fully attached to the grips.
    In fact, I had one on the GTR when I first got it that happened on a straight road accelerating mildly. Damn thing oscillated so fast I didn;t count how many times it happened, all I know is my gloves nearly came off! :shock:
    Went home and ordered a new tyre. new wheel bearings and steering head bearings!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. A twitch you say ? I say more of a squabble :LOL:

    On more than one occasion my, then brand new 82mod Katana 1100. Would throw a hissy fit and give a good 25mtr or more slapper, thats prob why I moved over to a CB1100RT in 84. [ so long ago :? ] :LOL: :LOL:
  10. hehe, it's all a question of perspective isn't it.
  11. All about perspective alright!

    My first tank slap was about 50-80m. Went from about 80-90km/h to about 20km/h by the time I got control. There were cars waiting behind me wondering what the hell I was doing :LOL:
  12. c'mon, its just a flesh wound!

    dont get me started bob :rofl:
  13. Yeah, after 'learning' on an RZ250 I thought bikes were supposed to flap around like a mobile epileptic fit.

    I used to have a T509 Speed Cripple which visited a nice lock-to-lock job on me, totally unprovoked, at 160km/h in the Royal National Park. I was chasing mates on a ZX7R and R1, and I could feel the frotn getting light as they pulled away, then *foom* the tyre is chirping, I couldn't hold the bars if I wanted to, moved my weight forward and back to no effect, then just thought 'shit, now I'm gonna die and everyone's going to thing I just rode off the road like an idiot'. Then of course it settled as the bike slowed.

    The I sold the f#*ker.
  14. You call that a tank slapper? :? :LOL:

    & heres me thinking you did a wheelie which went wrong. icon_lol.

    Do a wheelie & smack the front end back down until you see both
    ya testes & horn fly off, then come back & say you did a tank slapper.

  15. That's the spirit!
  16. Ahhh, makes me all nostalgic for my old GSX outfit. Amongst its other homicidal tendencies (https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=40067), it tended to shake its head a bit.

    Most notably when I hit a pothole whilst accelerating flat out. Went from lock to lock so hard that I thought it had broken both my thumbs. Good job the handlebars didn't have much effect on direction of travel :p .

    Seriously though, not many modern bikes should tankslap properly as long as they're in decent nick.

    Back in the UK, particular culprits were some of the little 100-125 cc bikes of the late 70s/early 80s, which had ultra cheap, flimsy frames, ditto suspension and most were bent by the time they filtered down to my level. Even at 70 mph max they could get quite exciting.
  17. *idly wonders which netrider could piss highest up a brick wall* :roll:
  18. i can get one up pretty high when i get one going :p :cool:
  19. Oh, and did I tell you about the time in the Great War when I was on my old Beeza, delivering an important message for General Haig, took a wrong turn into No-Man's Land I did. So there I was, Hun bullets whistling around me, I realised that to turn around would have been suicide so I just rode flat out at the Hun trenches. So there I am, ton-up, I've just fair jumped the first Jerry trench, when I find I'm heading straight for a bloody Jerry artillery position, with the officer just about to give the order to fire. So I ride into the gun pit, and around the side of the dugout a la Wall of Death, then clear back out the way I came... then back over the Hun trenches, scattering the Kaiser's best troops who must be wondering 'who's this crazy Englishman?'. By this time there's a red triplane come from God-knows-where and he's strafing me, so as I rattle back across No-Man's Land I pull out the good old Webley and give hime a few shots... and this in the days of the hand gearchange mind you... so I get back to Our Boys and deliver my message to General Haig. It says 'With apologies- your whiskey delivery will be delayed by one hour due to fog'. And that's how I won the Great War.