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Had my first stack in the Nasho

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rob53, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Today I went for a ride in the National park up to wollongong and back.

    On the way back, going round a corner I went to close to the leaf litter on the side of the road and the bike slide out under me and landed in the bushes. I slide for few meters got up ok, nothing broken, just a bit of a sore knee.

    Bike is alright, only real damage is the tank has got a couple of dents, the brake pedel is a little bent and the right handler bar is turned in a bit.

    Thankfully the bike and me mainly slid on the leaf litter and not the road.

    A park officer passing by came and checked out if I was ok and helped me and my mate push my bike out of the ditch so I was ever so grateful. :applause:

    Another car and a vw trike stopped to check out if I was ok which was nice. :applause:

    The park officer said that another rider went down ( a p plater) and Ambos were called so hopefully they are alright.

    All in all, a good ride today, despite the fall. I learned my lesson and will hopefully ride again in the next few days.

  2. Glad to hear you came out relatively unscathed!

    More importantly, how's the bike?

  3. nice of the parks officer to be understanding and not assuming you were riding like a madman
  4. Thats the way rob , chin up - chest out and back into it. :wink:
  5. The nasho is an "extra-careful' place in winter; leaf litter, shaded corners and the occasional patch of moss make it a real challenge. Good to hear you're OK :).
  6. good to hear u scrubbed up fairly right.
    did the same thing today on the pushy, but trying to turn on a wooden bridge, wet/mossy from rain.
    absolutely no grip, front washed out. yay for gravel rash :mad:
    glad my bike is a lil lighter than yours, basically no damage thankfully.

    heal quick, and learn from it :)
  7. Glad your ok and the bike sounds like it will be fine. :)

    Was about to say the same thing ,maybe start a topic warning real new learners to stay out of the park or warn them of the hazard ,I know it was good fun when I did it on my own first time in summer ,next time was winter and it was freaken dangerous.
  8. the natio doesnt require winter only, to throw in shaded corners.
  9. Scary stuff...I was actually going to ride up there yesterday but decided I didn't have enough time before a friends 21'st. Now I'm hung over...note to self: 5 tequila shots is about 5 too many :)
  10. Thanks for the well wishes and words of encouragement.
    I was just so glad I bought all the proper safety gear, if I didn't, I don't want to know what would have happened :shock:

    After looking at the bike thoroughly, it seems the instument cluster is a little worse for ware, the plastic housing on the back of it is broken in a few spots, but it'll probably be repairable otherwise I will have to scoure the wreckers. But other than that and the tank being dented, no real damage

    The funny part is, that I rode in the park in the morning when it was still wet, but on the way back the road was fairly dry and that's when I stacked it :oops:
  11. The park is just too dangerous on weekends. You can either sit on 40-50, following convoys of cars and bikes, or try and have a little fun, and run the very real risk of coming around a corner to find a car/truck sitting on 40. It isn't worth the ride there.

    I'm glad you're ok. It's a lucky thing to come off on those roads and walk away!