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Had my first spill today...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Dehon, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Well today after close to 12 months on my Ls (yes I am too lazy to go for my Ps) I crashed my bike for the first time. I had just left home and was no further than a kilometre down the road when I lowsided it on a roundabout due to some nice fuel slick left there by some....tool...being the nicest word I can say at the moment.

    Fortunately it was reasonably early in the morning and there was not much traffic around except for some nice bloke who helped me get back on my feet. Suprisingly I did not snap anything off my bike however did put some nice scrapes on the fairing, engine block, bar end, brake lever and exhaust.

    Fully geared I did not lose any skin (pays to wear full gear regardless of the conditions/length of your ride) and only ended up straining a few muscles on various limbs. However I am feeling extremely dirty at my lack of attention to the road (even though I was riding into the sun I probably should have seen it) and possibly my over confidence of my "riding ability" seeing I had been riding for 12 months without incident. Subsequently my beautiful Suzi is not so beautiful anymore and I'm pretty pissed off with the world.

    Anyway I just wanted to vent, been in a cruddy mood all day since it happened and have dashed my confidence a bit, especially on cornering.
  2. Not a great rite of passage eh! At least you had all the right gear on.
  3. That sucks dude! Sorry to hear you scratched up your nice shiney ride.

    Let me ask you this though! How on Earth could you be too lazy to go for your P's (which is a ONE day riding course) when you have obviously had to resit your L's (which is a TWO day riding course). Your's L's in NSW only last for 6 months after which point you have to resit the testing, which includes the riding course.

    Or have i just made a fool of myself and the ACT is different??
  4. it happens to everyone, better to do it when you did with not much traffic then in the middle of rush hour or something. Plus you didnt lose any skin, the paint and scratches can be repaired, its only money hehe :p
  5. ACT Ls last for 2 years
  6. Wow, that certainly changes things then doesn't it :p

    Anyway once again sorry to hear of your spill. I think round-a-bouts would have to be one of the biggest risk for a low side on a bike if there is oil or diesel on the road.
  7. It's very different.

    Slackest laws in the country, apart from maybe NT.

    Not surprising considering how many politicians live there.
  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. re. original post that is shitty luck mate :? i've been on the road around the same time as you and can imagine how annoying it must feel to go from problem free riding to a scratched up bike :( very rough luck considering it wasn't your fault, i hope the repair quote isn't horrible.

    i almost got done tonight coming home on ackland st, st kilda when i did a dodgy crossing of tram tracks in the wet and got semi caught in them, nasty feeling that.
  10. glad your all ok, are you going to get bike all fixed up or leave it for a while ?
  11. Vent away!! congratulations on your first and hopfully last spill.. Also congrarulations on not loosing any skin due to the appropiate gear, And congratulations on not writing off the bike!! (Perhaps the credit has to go to the designers of the GS500)
  12. You need to look on the brighter side of things..no "offs" for nearly 12 mths, and then when you have one, you are'nt all banged up and badly injured. AND it sounds like your bike is still rideable.

    Not trying to diminish the incident at all, as it's a shame that your bike was scratched up..:-(. That would piss me off to. :shock:

    Well done for having the right gear on.:)