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Had my first ride on a 750 on Saturday - WOW !!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doonx, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Went for a blat with 2 mates, one of which has recently got a GSX750F. While we were having a coffee at Yarra Junction, he threw the key at me and told me to go for a run.

    I couldn't really let it loose, but I was in 3rd and doing about 80, and just cracked it to experience the acceleration, within a few seconds I was doing 130 and simply saying "FUUUUUUCK" to myself.

    Time to start the upgrade hunt I think :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  2. Bout bloody time lol

    I know where there may be a sec/hand VTR for sale soon :wink:
  3. And Doonks...by comparision - I reckon that bike is pretty gutless! ;) It's all perspective....

    But yeah - I reckon it is about time you upgraded.....and then it's probably time for that ride in the Snowy's...

  4. try it at the same speed in second :wink: great fun eh :D

    you can tell yourself the 250 is adequete until you have a burn on a real bike. you just cant convince yourself after that :LOL:
  5. yes - when were jumped back on after lunch, I thought - Hmmmmm.

    Anyway, 11 more days till the restrictions fall to the wayside. So will then start looking around. I think the name of this game is "patience" find the right bike for me, then find the right sale :grin:
  6. patience you say? never learned that on myself :LOL:
  7. Stick with the good kwaka stuff Doonks, the 600 looked good on ya on satdee...
  8. go straight for a zx 10 ....
    theres speed out of control : )
  9. ZX10=FUGLY

  10. I think it looks cool … next you will be telling us Angelina Jolie is fugly as well :roll:
  11. Great work Doonks ;)

    500 extra cc's makes a little difference, don't it? :)
  12. Now which @rse would you rather hump?




    Oh - and I'd hump Ms Jolie too...I even have special dispensation from the Missus to do so....

  13. For god's sake...when are we gonna be able to include pictures in posts!!!??

  14. Whats year/country model is the zx10r in the photo with the twin exhausts? ... the only photos I have seen are the single pipe like on the fubar orange one which I thought was 2004-05 model
  15. r1 is of course an awesome looking bike, much better than zx10. especially in the yellow


    but i reckon the zx6r looks heaps cool in green, better than the r6

    but really, they all very nice

    one thing i wondered about 750s is that why does suzuki produce gsxrs in 600, 750, 1000.

    i mean why would you get the 750 if 1000 is available? i understand the 600 cause its lighter/smaller/more maneuverable but i don't get the 750 supersports class..........i mean does anybody here have one? 750gsxr that is?
  16. Dunno, 06 model zx10r looks pretty bloody good to me especially in the green and the black looks like it belongs in robocop or something :grin:

  17. FUGLY....is the ZX2R your first bike? I can understand being loyal to a braND....BUT REALLY THEY'RE PRETTY MUCH ALL THE SAME...(damn caps lock!!!)

    Livingstonest - the 750 is a hangover from the 80/90's superbikes when 750 4's ruled the roost....However they do have their place in that they are basically the same size as a 600 and with very close to the power of a 1000...So awesome for tight twisty roads/tracks AND the main straight.....