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Had my first play around on the bike last night...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ezza, Dec 3, 2010.

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  1. deleted

  2. Ya squid :D

    Careful riding it on the grass, very easy to drop

    Congrats :)
  3. Mmmm nice - I like the colour scheme. I don't find grass the funnest to begin with due to limited grip anyway.

    You'll relax soon enough ;)
  4. Looks like some pretty lush grass, no wonder it was hard to do circles on it :p
  5. someone has shown a lot of love towards that lawn and I like it! Green, good height, well cut... need I say more?
  6. Good on ya Ezza, you have already learned that dropping the bike is not the end of the world, and as a horse rider you know to get back on in quick time.
    You'll find the road will feel magnetic compared to grass.The bike suits you,enjoy...and share more pix with ya gear on.
  7. Good to see that you are such a lawn connoisseur - that said, I did notice that it was very green. Well maintained bit of grass.
  8. Get off the grass girl. . . so much more fun.=D>
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    Nice bike! Gawd it looks tiny though! lol :)
    Be careful on the grass, I did the same first up and know how slippery it is.

    In regards to that: [URL="]How to pick up a motorcycle - Youtube[/URL]
    Whilst you're trundling around on the grass get your stepdad to help you lay it down gently and have a little practice after watching that, it should help.
    In case you can't tell or hear, it's one hand on the grounded handlebar, the other grabbing bodywork under the seat area (either part of the frame or just find a spot that's firm).
    Just make sure if it's down with the left side up that you put the kickstand down so it rocks onto it, don't be like me and forget then roll the bike right over! lmao
  10. Have to agree with all - Congrats on your fab looking bike and it does indeed suit you.
    Enjoy the transition to smooth, safe road riding (y)
  11. What a beautiful bike - I must say you have really done well Ezza! As Nickers says, it really does suit you.

    Maybe you could fit a mower blade to the bottom of the bike and put your lawn riding to good use?

    Well done and congrats again :)

  12. Had to go back and look for the bike, never noticed it first time........

    Congrats, get out on the road where it's meant to be.
  13. You look awesome on your new steed !
  14. Thanks guys :) I just wish I could be more confident and less nervous on it!

    Thanks heaps to nequam too for the extremely useful vid on how to pick up a bike. I will indeed have to give that a go here on the grass at home!
  15. in the picutres you look pretty tense, relax your forearms and your stability should improve a bit
  16. :-s I think she looks great!!
  17. That's heartwarming Ezza, thank you. Nice bike.

    Grass is ok because, if it goes over gently, with you fighting it all the way, it's unlikely to do it or you a lot of harm. Asphalt is kinda sharp - that's why we wear leather. On the upside, bikes are actually a damn site easier to ride at 30 ~ 60km/h than they are at walking pace, and they're an awful lot easier again on smooth grippy asphalt than on grass.

    Complete inexperience + new bike + very slow speeds + grass + not much room at all = very challenging riding environment.
  18. No worries Ezza. Pays to practice now, so if there is an unfortunate incident later on you're not left stranded.

    Confidence will come with time. I know I was nervous as hell with my L's course in October, and still get a little jittery on occasion. Even today on the toy run I had my moments, going at a snails pace along the main drag is not my idea of fun, but all the previous practice I'd put in on that very skill kept me sane, steady, and upright.
    So get out there and ride whenever you feel comfortable (don't force yourself, having a relaxed and alert mentality will make things much easier to learn), take things at your own pace not someone elses... and have fun! :)
  19. Yeah thtas what I thought kneedragon, just initally to get used to it a little bit and have a little bit of a go i thought even though there wasn't much room, I would be good cause if anything did happen me or the bike weren't going to get damaged.

    Anyway i have more news!

    I went out for a practice today under the watchful eye of my stepdad again, had a proper ride, was great! (Except it was like i'd been in a sauna by the time I got back inside being in 37 degree heat in full gear!)

    I got up to fourth gear (which was only about 40-45km/h but never mind!) and turning and stopping/starting. My stepdad even had me going in and out of him, his sunglasses and shirt like cones, it wasn't so hard after all.

    You're very right, much easier to ride once you're acutally going properly and on tarmac! Im so proud of me :D Will have to get pics next time, I'd like video but I'm still struggling to upload the last one of me putting around the yard cause it takes ages and freezes :(
  20. So I was watching Big Bang Theory just as I opened up this thread, and couldn't help but notice a slight resemblence between you and Leslie Winkle.. :p



    Also congrats on the new bike, its a lot more fun when you're out on the road everyday :)
    Good luck
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