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Had my first off this arvo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by R4mR0d, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. What a way to end an already crappy week! :evil:

    On the way home from work in the, I was in the left lane doing about 40 clicks and the traffic was backed up in the right lane. The driver in the right lane left a gap in the intersection to let cars turn......and turn they did. A girl not only pulled in front of me but actually stopped in my lane. I hit the anchors but the road surface was bumpy so the front locked, washing out from underneath me and I did a superman followed by a comando roll. Unlucky. Only my foot hit the car. The girl ended up giving me a lift home (left the bike at work) and I then took myself to the hospital for a check up. I only ended up with a sore ankle, elbow and scratched helmet. On the bike after a brief look, the fairing is scratched/cracked, windscreen scratched (no idea how though), 3 busted indicators, rear cowling marked and the yoshi exhaust scratched and bent in an inch or so....probably more to come....

    What will be the ruling on the accident? She caused the accident but I didn't really hit her car....just my foot... also there were 3 witnesses. She also said "sorry I didn't see you"...so she basicly admited to it. I'm gona go file a report with the Po-Po and call my insurance mob tomorrow (both cops and insurance had closed for the day). Is there anything else I need to do that I may have missed?

    At least the weekend can only get better.....
  2. ..You shouldn't have hit the brakes, you should have looked for an exit, oh well next time ay. Well atlest your not hurt.
  3. Hope you got contact details of the 3 witnesses! glad you're ok, good luck!
  4. I have been able to get out of this situation previously by swerving....... but this time I had no chance.... it happend waaayyy too quickly.

    Yeah I do have their contact details.....
  5. unlucky mate :( glad you came out ok though... where bouts did this happen??? traffic was pretty crap all over brissy today....
  6. not to sure but i think the 2 vehciles have to make contact, otherwise it will be reported as a single vehcile accident, wwhich sucks had the same sort of thing happen the other week but i would have been found at fault if i made contact
  7. That's the most important thing. :LOL:

    Gotta have priorities. :p
  8. I wonder how many people who immediately jump on a thread like this and say "Oh, mate you should have ...... ...... .....", have had an off themselves and know how quickly it happens, and how theory bears almost no resemblance to the real world???

    Sorry to hear that you skuffed up your bike, but at least you live to fight another day :)
  9. amen to that hornet :)

    yet to be on the moto, but had a nice crash the other day on my pushy... was foolishly passing a car on the left as i raced for the train, then they braked hard and swerved left to angle park, as the driver suddenly noticed a parking spot. managed to drop from about 50kmph to 30 or so i rekon, but i still i hit the side of the car n when for a skid (me not the bike) along the side panels, snapping off the side mirror and aerial as i went :grin: just happy i havent received any calls regarding some certain quotes :wink:

    but yeah, i can completely agree with you, there are just times you cant do much but watch it unfold infront of you, be it your fault or not. good to hear your ok :)
  10. +1, hope it all works out.
  11. Thanks for all of your suppport guys! I'm just glad I didn't smash into the side of the car like I thought I was going to. Now that would have hurt. :shock:

    Unfortunatly no..... :cry:
  12. Ohh man......I'm so sorry......

    Glad your alrite though :)
  13. If you have witnesses you will be in the right. Sounds like the girl was decent enough and will probably admit that she moved in front of you. You don't need to have physically collided. Too bad she wasn't hot!
  14. I had an accident in the car a while back and I was deemed to be not at fault.

    Going 80km/h(legal) straight on some two lane road near my house in a rental camry(don't ask). A car attempted to do a u-turn in front of me but couldnt complete it. He blocked both lanes with his falcon and it was wet. I overthought the situation and tried to take evasive measures which ended in a bad slide. I hit some innocent random car and he got away with not a scratch.

    i was deemed to be not at fault and the falcon driver was found responsible and charged with negligent driving.

    So, it shouldnt be an issue that you didnt hit her. Make sure you file a police report and hopefully she will get charged with negligent driving. When it comes to insurance they will find out someone had been charged with an offence and the verdict should go your way.

    good luck,
  15. Bugger about the off. Really.

    Legally, you can't pin any blame on her. Have a general chat to your insurance company, WITHOUT giving your details, to find their position, i.e., will they chase her down if you submit the claim.

    If you're on good terms with her, you could see how she'd responds to a nice request to parting with some money. Play the guilt card??? Or, marry her and REALLY make it her problem :LOL:

    On the road craft angle, in heavy traffic, beware ANY gap, at ANY time. Cagers will make some poor decisions under stress and that gap is an oasis.

    Again, bugger about the off. Glad you weren't hurt worse.

  16. Boooooooooooo!
  17. Harsh, very harsh. How do you know there was a way out?

    Harsh vote for the week.......
  18. Theres always a way out you unless your in a tunnel and the car is brushing up against the wall and the cars on the other side of the road are doing the same.
  19. Well said Hornet... Its far too easy to say in hindsight or when not involved what could have been done,when split decisions need makeing theory definately goes out the window.

    Glad your ok R4mR0d and as long as you lived and can talk about it maybe even learn from it (if possible ,there may not have been any other way and thats from personal experience. )then thats basically all thats needed.