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Had my first off.. not too bad.. ill be back!!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nightriderz, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. hey everyone,

    went out on thursday night for a ride with my mate, was going well.. got to a corner that i have taken numerous times before.. entered the corner at around 45km/h.. fairly easy bend.. road was i little wet... accidently accelerated a little early and a little to much..

    back wheel slid out and off i went with the bike across the other side of the road and into the curb..

    Thankfully not that much damage done to me or bike.. couple scratches too the bike.. and i broke my left arm when i hit the curb..

    So have to wear a cast for next 5 weeks.. but only small price to pay.. could have been a lot worse i suppose lol..

    But ill be back..
  2. Bummer, but if you've learn't from it all will be good! Very refreshing to see folks admitting they goofed as it makes the learning curve less sharp! Heal well & quickly & learn to type with one hand!
  3. Glad to hear you're doin' OK and keeping your spirits up. Every one you walk away from is a win, of course... but every one you don't have is even better!
  4. wow.. sorry to hear you had an off mate... glad to hear no real damage (to ego, bike or yourself)

    were you wearing all the gear??? and of course.. hows the baby?? :p
  5. It's not the fall that hurts, so much as what you hit before you stop. Sorry to hear about your crippled wing; I hope that has no bad implications for your job???

    Good to hear you've got a positive attitude to it all; what doesn't kill us CAN make us stronger....
  6. Sorry to hear of your off.

    It was a good off so to speak as you can walk away and sounds like you knew why it happened so you can learn from the mistake and not let it happen again.

    5 weeks is a small price to pay for a valuable lesson.
  7. Bugger

    So was it on a local road?

    At least you are on the mend and you can relive your tale for us.

    All the best for a full and speedy recovery
  8. That sux man. Mend quickly bro.

    A broken bone... ouch!

    Roundabouts, slow corners and intersections are ideal places for drops of oil from slow vehicles. Treat these areas with extra caution when wet!

    No doubt lesson learned! Hard lesson though.

    Glad you're basically ok.
  9. Sucks man :(

    Which bone did you break?? I just got my cast off a few weeks ago after breaking the scaphoid(sp?)
  10. Any locals concerned enough about your injuries to call the police instead of an ambulance?
  11. The healing process is part of the learning process.
  12. It didn't sound too bad until you said you BROKE YOUR ARM. I'm ok with blood and gushing wounds but broken bones is another thing...

    Good to know you're 95% OK! Gives me confidence that offs aren't always bad :]
  13. sorry to hear about the fall - hope you and your bike mend quickly and well