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Had my first enraged cage

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Donuts, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Had my first real "crazy" today - the bit that concerns me is I'm not even sure why.

    Turning right into Westall Rd where it starts (Princes Fwy), I'm in middle lane and there's a girl in the right in a red echo. I take off normal and start getting up to speed quickly, when I notice the echo girl is doing her best to keep up. This happens a bit, usually not from corner take offs but nothing wrong with a little fun competition... right? Wrong! Me keeping ahead of her apparently pissed her off enough to change from the far right to the far left lane so close behind me I practically felt it - I don't know why.

    We got stopped at the next set of lights and I started to split along down (note: she hadn't seen me split yet, so that wasn't it). I slow alongside her window, half contemplating hurling abuse at her... Alas, she is already yelling at me! What exactly I don't know (I think I made out a "stupid bikes" in there), so I gave her an earful with "Try not to run me off the road next time you stupid biatch" then finished splitting (about 5 car lengths) and took off hard, figuring I'd enraged her further and keeping a good buffer would be worth it. I took off and let myself to to 100, figuring I could catch the next set of cars, split those and I'd be well and truly away from her. By the next intersection I was well and truly clear of the previous pack... but as I look in my rear view just before where Westall opens up to 100, there she is, right behind me :shock: . She pulls up alongside me and I can see her glaring at me, but I pay no attention and she drives off, nothing more to it :?

    Do some people just HATE bikes? I hadn't even seen this car prior to being alongside it, so I have no idea what I did to cause it, if anything. I've noticed a few time that younger girls seem to take my speed as a challenge, and them losing as a direct attack, so maybe the key is to just be slow among slow cars? :LOL: .
  2. probably my ex, she lives around there
  3. That's what really pisses me off, cage rage that is only because your on a bike, not because you actually do anything stupid or illegal, they just can't take it that some people like to ride a bike. And they're just pissed they sit in traffic for ages and have to find parking spots.

    Think nothing of it, your on a bike enjoying riding, and they are going through life getting all huff-huffwhen they don't like something they see.
  4. Ben riding for years and years and have not encountered idiots like you guys describe. I commute everyday (though not for a few months now bloody achilles) split the works yet never encounter crazies.
    go figure.
  5. Probably missing a bit of "the good stuff" eh Slinkncghia... eh, eh, eh... a bit frustrated???


  6. Yea, gotta love it when you come across people like that. I sometimes enjoy it if they aren't being dangerous around me, always fun giving them an earful back and then disappearing out of site while they sit in gridlock. Even still, its just beyond ridicules when people get so pissed off with their lives they take it out on the 100% random motorcycle rider who happens to be nearby just because they are going a bit quicker. Some people need a reality check.
  7. I assume the crazies go for the easy targets (I'm on a 250). I read some stories here and take it with a grain of salt, because I know we tend to bias things in our favour, but honestly reflecting back I have absolutely zero idea. I don't even know why she was in such a rush to get to the far left lane - we got off the freeway at the same spot. Probably frightened her when the bike she'd been hurling abuse at 40 KM back pulled up behind her at lights after she hadn't seen me for ages :LOL:
  8. Buy a really loud harley, gain 30 kilos and get some sleeve tattoos.

    By my calculations, you should stop having these problems.

    Good luck!
  9. i doubt she would know a 250 from a busa.
  10. Some people are just luckier than others.
  11. Luck? perception? attitude? Engine capacity?
  12. I'm thinking engine capacity. 'cause size does matter :p
  13. I've had quite a few experiences of skylines and supras and the like try and race me at lights.. I just sit there thinking "cause a ninja 250r is fast and everything ya know.." :roll:
  14. Her ears probably would though. I like the people with the old 'cliche' Holdens that race me off the lights, and lose :LOL:
  15. "girl in the right in a red echo"

    Let this be a lesson, young chicks in little red cars are notoriously unstable and unpredictable.

    This can also be fun of course! :grin:
  16. Yeah, I learnt this after share-driving to uni for a year with a young chick in a little car... after she smashed her car up and the 3 in front of her, I decided I'd be better off on a bike (so long as she wasn't following me :evil: )
  17. LOL swear to god my ex has a red yaris (echo yaris same shiet) swear to god you can not be any more right on the money.

    she was notoriously unstable....unpredictable (rocks up to mates place at 5am in the morning to try and find me)

    yeah i notice that its the younger chicks who get agro with bikes......and its always the pretty ones tooo :(
  18. This girl was far from pretty, she was probably alright before she got the cold sores but she's not so good now :p
  19. Yea- young, dumb, lots of confidence and very little skill. Male or female that is a recipe for trouble.