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Had my first accident, need a repairer with a loan bike.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Milos, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. I had my first accident riding into work today. I was lane-splitting between 3 parked cars and stationary vehicles when a driver door opened and took me out.

    No real injuries, just a gash on my left shin where the peg clipped me as the bike fell over, a badly bruised middle finger on left hand, very sore right butt cheek :LOL:

    The bike has a bit of damage, left indicator is broken and dangling, radiator has caved in a bit, coolant was leaking every, dint on the right side of the tank when it fell down, plus a few minor scratches on the same side.

    I'm not sure who is at fault now, I was lane splitting, but she was parked in a clearway 7am - 9 am, and the accident happened just before 8.30am. I would accept blame after 9am, but i know if she wasn't parked illegally the accident would have never happened.

    I've got full comp with swann but they don't provide loan bikes. Does anyone know of any repairers who can pick up my bike from near kew junction and provide a loan bike while they arrange a quote and repair?

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident, hope you heal quick.

    Best of luck with the repairs :wink:
  3. She opened her door it to moving trafic, she's 100% to blame under Vic law.
    How do i know. i did it in front of an F100 that folded the door right back LOL, i shit myself, the lane was clear when i looked but he'd moved over from the center lane in the split second i looked away.
  4. I think you may be wrong in this case Woodsy, he was overtaking on the left!
  5. what bike have you got? you cant repair yourself, then if the driver is at fault you may be able to get their insurance to cover a hire bike under some circumstances
  6. Nope, he would have been in the shit if the car on his right opened a door (overtaking on left) but no matter how you look at it the parked car opened there door in to moving trafic.
  7. what was her reaction when and after you hit the car door?

    did she admit fault?

    oh, yeah, and how fast do you think you were going?
  8. ok, I never thought of it from that perspective.
  9. Thanks! It's a good thing i've got a comfy chair at work :)

    I've got a 2005 Honda CB900 Hornet. I could replace the parts myself, but it still under the manufactures warranty, so I think it needs to be done by an authorised repairer. Regardless, i'd prefer one to make sure it gets done right. I checked out garners website, and the hire cost are too pricey for my budget. I'd have to be 100% certain i'll be covered first.

    Thanks for that info. My credit card debt's already out of control, and i've never checked to see if i get rating 1 protection. A not at fault claim would be a huge relief! :)
  10. She was in shock, I asked if she was ok, and I think she said something like "don't worry about me, are you ok?"

    We didn't discuss the accident, just swapped details. We were both pretty shaken up, so the last think I wanted to do was try to figure out who's at fault since I wasn't sure of the rules myself.

    A rough guess on speed would be 20 - 30 k's, maybe less, not more. My memory of the incident is very hazy, I can't recall what the impact felt like, I don't recall hitting the ground or how I stood up. All i remember was lifting the bike up, stepping to the other side to let cars past and to start pushing the bike off the road...

    (I now vaguely recall lying on the ground hearing some guy yell out his window you're in a no standing zone, then thinking to myself "Huh? I'm not lying down here on purpose" then i realised he was talking to the lady)

    ...the bike wouldn't move, realised it had stalled in gear, tried to find neutral with no luck, went to turn the bike on to see when the neutral light came on, then realised I just need to hold the clutch in to push it.
  11. you were lying down, not standing anyway.... :p
  12. Let the insurance companies worry about the 'at fault situation', clearly we weren't there.

    Glad you're more or less ok.
  13. Correct, he's not overtaking the traffic in the centre lane on the left... she was blocking the clearway and he overtook her on her right. Vehicle occupants are responsible for checking before opening doors.

    I'm thinking its *mostly* her fault. In VIC do they split the blame? Cos they do in NSW I believe.
  14. nah, in vic if u got half the number of wheels, you got half a say...
  15. Bad luck mate but please be careful of this term when doing any paperwork. You were either "overtaking" a parked car or lane splitting. I know which one I'd rather be saying.
  16. If she was parked in a clearway, and being the driver, opened her door onto you, then my understanding is this...

    The reason there is a clearway at certain times is to facilitate traffic flow (esp around trams) freeing up an extra lane to travel in at peak hour.

    Therefore, she stopped to park illegally in the left hand lane.
    When you indicated (assumed) and moved to her right to overtake safely (whether in the right portion of the left lane, or left portion of the right lane is irrelevant) she opened her door onto you.

    I would make no mention of the term "lane splitting/filtering" if I were you, it doesn't help you at all, all I am picturing is a legal overtaking maneuver interupted. Putting you completely in the clear.

    As for loaner bikes? I have seen people on a dodgy scooter loaner occasionally, although I couldn't tell you where from. But if it's her insurance (and it should be) demand a replacement vehicle.
  17. i have been talking about this issue on another thread and i would never lane split. . u said u were splitting between 3 parked cars and other stationary ones,ure on a registered motorvehicle and are supposed to be in a lane not on the side of one.i can understand that some people seem to think it is safer to lanesplit but it is illegal .im really sorry for your misfortune and hope u get back on two wheels very soon. :) A question, can motorcycles use clearway lanes? and what were 3 cars doing parked in a clearway lane at that time? i have seen loaner road bikes in sydney so im sure theres some in melb
  18. but milos said he was lanesplitting between a parked car an a stationary one!
  19. He was using a lane.

    It was just a lane that also had cars (illegally) parked in it.

    I see cars do this all the time. There's two lanes, the left with parked cars and instead of driving in the right lane a car will drive in the left lane.. but spill halfway into the right lane because they are too big to fit. The OP was simply doing the same, except he was small enough not to spill into the right hand lane.