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Had my bike for a few days now...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Deadsy, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. And I love it.
    After looking for a bike for the past few weekends, I bought a demo GPX250 on Saturday. It had less than 600ks on it when I got it, the first service was thrown in for free, and I ended up saving around a grand compared to buying brand new. I can't stress how happy I am with the service I received from Aitken's Motorcycle World, I even got insurance covered all at once.
    After riding the bike around for half an hour around a park I decided riding home wasn't the best decision, so the salesperson who helped me out checked how much it would be to deliver and the soonest it could be done, the earliest they could do was in a few days... I couldn't believe it when the customer next to me (a regular of theirs and a friend/neighbour of the salesperson helping me) agreed to ride it home for me! Quite a downgrade from his zx6r too... but he did it, and wanted nothing in return. It still makes me smile thinking that there are still good, decent and unselfish people out there. Thank you so much!!
    Another thing that made me smile was the little kid, holding his father's hand, waving and grinning from ear to ear as I rode by around my local streets earlier tonight. His father didn't look as pleased though. :LOL:
    Yeah, it feels like Christmas already for me. :)

  2. Its an awesome feeling, enjoy it! Congrats on the bargain.
  3. Good to hear you got your bike and a helping hand aswell. All in time for a very merry christmas.

    Take it easy out there, you don't want to be finding your limits too soon. :wink:
  4. I would be happier if your name become livesy not deadsy but happy you sound sensible enough to know you shouldn't ride it home that day.

    There will be many more "good" days, riding is like that, enjoy.
  5. Mr Aitken is a top guy, and it sounds like he's won a long-term customer. And welcome to Netrider :)
  6. Hehe, the name certainly gives an impression :p

    Deadsy is a band.
    If you'd like to d/l a couple of tracks I recommend their cover of Tom Sawyer, as well as Mansion World.
  7. On ya Deadsy, just wait till your bumming days off work to go riding because the suns out and its the middle of the week with minimal cages around :wink:
  8. aah that new bike feeling, enjoy mate and welcome
  9. had an RDO yesterday, and rode from FTG to Warrnambool via the Great Ocean Road, and back.

    You will definitely get more from a ride during weekdays and 'stolen time' than on the weekend when the roads are full.

    Enjoy - and remember to ride only slightly outside your limits. Stray too far, and you learn what a ride in the ambulance feels like.
  10. i got myself a gpx250 with 1600 on it a couple of days ago... absoloutly wrapped with is as well... glad to hear you're happy with it ;D
  11. Great story! :grin:

    I'm wondering how I'm gonna fare when I get my first bike, as I have an extremely steep driveway. :shock:
  12. Cool story deadsy. hope riding makes you feel more alivesy.
    Great to hear random bikers helping other random bikers.

    AT: steep driveways are good fun- except trying to reverse uphill. just gotta be careful when parking the bike, make sure you're on level ground before dismount.
  13. Good story there Deadsy. :wink:
  14. Thanks guys.
    As Ktulu mentioned earlier Deadsy is the name of a band, it's just a username I picked a while ago and it has stuck since. But yes, riding does make me feel very "alivesy" :grin:
    I'm really enjoying it, and I find I'm comfortable on it. Two things I have a problem with are stalling at roundabouts and traffic lights, but I've only ridden a few times and that is on local streets so I should get used to the clutch with some more practice. I find I'm really getting the hang of gear changes, though.
    As for steep driveways, I feel for you. I only have a short driveway, but the road leading to it is sloped gently and my driveway comes off that road and has a bit of an incline itself. Not much fun. :p
  15. Never stalled in a round-a-bout b4... I find that applying some rear brake helps to steady the bike in slow speed corners. also I don't have to worry about feathering the clutch so much.

    I still have trouble looking at the exit point when taking right handers at r-a-b's but getting better with more practice.
  16. Good story, glad you got your bike and are loving it. Enjoy, have fun and don't push it too hard early on. :)
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  19. Might be getting a GPX tomorrow... :grin: