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Had I driven the car today...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by munecito, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. and I would probably not be here typing this.

    Coming back from work about an hour and a half ago was riding maybe at 85-90Kph on Wakehurst Pkwy when after a left hand sider I found a car coming towards me at what seemed a very high speed (passing all the cars that were going towards warringah rd).

    Don't have to say that after a big exclamation SHIT! I entered into survival mode and countersteered to go to the emergency lane. I just got there when this car passed me very close (less than a meter) without bothering to reduce the speed or anything.

    It was all so fast so couldn't see what car it was or plates or anything. I was lucky that the emergency lane was clean, that there were no animals around (apart of the "Driver") and that my bike didn't let me down. After the incident couldn't help myself and rode like if I was possesed the rest of the way, didn't want any cars around or near me.

    Had I been in the car and it would have been a head on collision or I would have ended up wrapped to a tree.

    I hope karma gets back the bloody idiot.


  2. did he see your headlights? were they working
  3. Yes they were working. I asume the driver saw them.

    If you had riden Wakehurst Parkway at nightime you would know that it would be suicide to ride it with no lights. You wouldn't be able to see further than your instrument panel.

  4. Cager - Zero
    Biker - One
    Chalk it up to another victory. Well done avoiding a possible disaster!
  5. Wakehurst Pky not a fun place to be when some hero's want to open their vehicle up with little regard for others. Jeffatav had a recent encounter there as well with a bike.

    Over the years read about a few accidents on wrong side of the road along that stretch so glad to see you've survived Will
  6. Holly cow thats crazy! Overtaking on a corner? In a car? Thats retarded! Even on the bike I leave overtaking to the 2 long straights or sometimes that little straight near the academy of sport if they're going real slow.

    Glad you're ok!
  7. I ride along Wakehurst Parkway at night to visit my gf. That road has lots of road kill on it as well. I put my high beam on when there are no other vehicles coming the opposite way. It becomes easier to spot road kill, to read corners, etc.

    The fluro vest with reflective strips makes me more visible at night. Even though I'm more "visible", idiots still can not see. Even when you shine a massive spot light in their face. They are so selfish and so focused on driving fast stupidly to either save 30 seconds or to show off to their mates or their own ego.

    Not sure what I would do if I saw a car overtaking in the opposite direction. Yes, I'll admit that I might panic. I hope that I could settle down very quickly to take the appropriate action. I guess there is a big difference between half a sec and and say two seconds. I wish I could relax more on the bike so that my reflexes would be faster during these types of emergencies. I guess it will come with more riding experience.

    As for overtaking: especially on such a small bike, I would hang back. If the car in front is slow, I would wait for a decent straight bit. Thankfully Wakehurst Parkway is not long, so sitting behind a car is not that bad.
  8. At the speed he was coming and how close he was to me when I saw him no reflective vest could have done anything.

    What made it worse is that because he/she was overtaking I couldn't read the oncoming vehicle lights properly as there were cars beside that car with the lights on too (of course), so the light beam didn't make it evident until I saw where it was coming from.

    I still get the shivers whenever I revisit that moment.

  9. I agree with nothing would have stopped that idiot from crossing the road just to do a stupid overtaking manevour and thus endagering oncoming traffic. Glad that you got out alive. It would have been a very scary experience.