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Had enough of Telstra..need recommendations

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Hey all. Just wondering what other phone service providers are out there besides Telstra. Some people I've spoken to have said they're with different providers and that they have their home phone, mobile phone and internet bundled into one for a pretty good sum. I'm totally sick of Telstra and am spending about $200 per mth at the moment on internet (broadband through a non-Telstra ISP) and my home phone (Telstra). If I can reduce these costs then why the hell not :grin:

    After a quick search I found iinet and used their 'which plan is right for me'.

    One of the results was:

    Naked DSL Home 3

    iiNet Naked DSL is full speed ADSL2+ broadband with no landline phone service required. Naked DSL saves you on line rental and calls, with free local and national calls using the included iiTalk broadband phone service. Naked DSL is exclusive to the iinetwork.

    15GB peak + 20GB offpeak quota
    ADSL2+ speeds
    $69.95 per month
    FREE local and national calls (fair use policy applies)

    So does the above mean that I no longer have a landline phone service and if so, how do I make calls??

    Anyone care to comment on the above package? It doesn't incorporate mob phone but that's no drama - tis the home phone and internet I'm looking to save on.

    Also, any suggestions greatly appreciated. :)
  2. Do your self a favour and stay with Telstra .

    If your with them, then they won't ring you 3 to 4 times a week asking to join up . :roll:

    I'm not joking .
  3. i would of thought through the above system :wink:

    i believe one of the guys i work with is on this same plan and reckons the net speed is great and had very few issues.
  4. Yeah that looks like a good offer. I've been looking at a couple of other sites such as broadbandguide.com.au and I've been reading up on VOIP / SKYPE.

    The more I read the more I realise how much money I'm throwing away with Telstra, plus they treat me like shite.

    Sleddog - I've had that since getting rid of my broadband with them.
  5. Just been looking into iinet myself. Was thinking about the 'new' Virgin wireless broadband and heard very few good things said about it (regular dropouts, poor customer service, you can't port your phone number if you want to go to another supplier etc) when I was doing some research on the net but lots of good reports about iinet.

    You don't lose your landline phone (but you can lose certain functionality if you have payTV apparently and some other services like medical alarm syatems don't work) and all that happens is your phone is 'hardwired' into the broadband network (Virgin does same but through the mobile network - hence all the dropouts) instead of going through the Telstra copper wire (iinet uses the Telstra broadband network as far as I can tell).

    From all the service providers I've looked at they seem to be far and away the best value.

    I'm thinking about just getting a $50 cap on my Telstra mobile and shifting my other stuff over to iinet (internet/home phone).

    I currently have a bundled package with Telstra and whilst the network service I can't complain about the Telstra customer service has been appallingly bad and my bills would float the national debt!

    The idea of a flat $100 a month for both services is far more appealing to my budget (and budgeting) than the wildly erratic charges Telstra slugs me from month to month.

    I'd suggest you have a good look over the iinet website and read all the FAQ's particularly. It looks good to me but I'm gonna call them and ask a few questions before I take the plunge because as we all know all that glitters is not gold!
  6. Hi Rosie.

    Where are you now? Do you have access to ADSL2+? And if so which ISPs provide it in your area?

    I'm with Telstra. Before I went to DSL2+ I got my phone phone rental dropped to the Homeline Budget. I then got DSL2 connected and I signed up for a VOIP service with Mynetfone.

    My landline bill comes to around $36 a month which includes rental and calls and the VOIP service charge. My ISP costs me $70 a month but that's for 20gig/20gig data and around 16,000bkit/sec download speeds.

    VOIP is great but you need a decent broadband connection. MNF call costs are ten cents flat, untimed to landlines and 30 cents/min to mobiles.

    As for naked DSL all this means is that the Telstra service on the line is disconnected. That is there is no dial tone, which you don't need for DSL to work. The Naked DSL provider does the rest. You need VOIP to make calls, of course but that goes through your internet service.

    Go to http://www.whirlpool.net.au and do a search for "broadband choice". This will help you get all the info that you need and to compare plans and services.
  7. i'm with internode.

    Been with them for over 4 years and have thought about moving because I wanted ADSL 2+ but I have since upgraded to ADSL 8000 and am constantly achieving about 5000 speed which for what I do is plenty quick.

    Reliable as reliable can possibly get.
  8. Nah, they use Telstra's copper to the exchange, but from there on you're on iiNet's own DSLAMs (Thus, iiNet's own broadband network).
  9. But they do still ring you to find out if you're still happy with your current mobile/internet plans and if you'd like to change.

    One of these days I'm going to have to learn how to say "leave me the f*&k alone and go sodomise a cow" in Hindi.
  10. I actually work for Engin (www.engin.com.au), we provide VOIP services and in the next few months naked DSL as well.

    I am with iinet as well, almost on the exact same plan as you.

    Voip works just using your internet to make phone calls. Naked DSL doesn't need an active telstra style landline connection, ie. you have no landline rental per month. If your internet is down your VOIP will obviously not work. If your power is down your voip will obviously not work. Nowadays everyone has a half decent mobile plan so if your net or power goes down you can still make calls in an emergency.

    I don't use iinet voip, I just get voip as it makes your quota double. That package seems right for you. If where I work (Engin) had our naked DSL plans out, I'd advise you to go with us instead of iinet. Why? Because I work here and know how much better the customer service is (I'm in customer service). Much less waiting time and deal with customers very well. How fast engin has grown, through word of mouth is testiment to their quality of customer service and general ability to be reasonable and fair.

    But as I said, the plan you suggest will fit for you.
  11. I am with iinet, of the isp's around at the moment, I would sway between iinet and internode. (I couldn't get internode where I am)

    I have never had a problem with iinet customer service, they always help me. They are based in WA, so this means you can call them around 6pm and they are still there and happy to help.

    Mind you I am on the business plan, which tries to answer your call within 20mins and 24hr helpdesk support.
  12. :LOL:

    We have an average call wait of 30 seconds here, and are open til 9 :wink:
  13. Hey Rosie, I was with telstra and left for the same reasons.
    I am now with Optus on their fusion deal.
    $99 gets me broadband internet 20 gig a month download/upload limit plus for the phone, it includes local calls, national calls and all calls to optus mobiles and pre paid optus mobiles.
    I have my mobile on a cap plan so any calls I need to make that don't fit my fusion deal criteria, I just call from my mobile.
  14. That has not been my experience, my wife used to sell Engin and it was a complete pain in the arse when we installed it on a 8MB ADSL line, customer service and quality of calls were poor.

    VoIP is cheap and you get what you pay for.

    If you must leave telstra [and you may not be able to due to coverage issues] then have a look at the fusion offer. At least it is TDM and not IP.
  15. I use the basic Tetra Landline, and I have Exetel Broadband. I pay all up prox $135month for landline 8mb DSL with 48gb download, unmetered up, and 40 odd gb off peak(12am-12pm) on top.
  16. YO YO YO,


    I have that plan at home right now... i dont use the VOIP service,
    the internet package alone for ADSL2+ was enough to win me and my housemate over, the internet speed is awesome, and you can dl software so you can monitor your usage, i haven ot used VOIP cos we just use our mobiles but i assume its fine... btw save yourslef 200 and dont buy there modem, we didnt and ours works great. $70 a month for amazing speed, and no home line fee is an awesome deal, if you play games its even better for hosting etc...
  17. How much are your mobile bills each month? ie. what plans are you on? Secondly, do you make your calls more when you're home or when you're out and about?

    If I could get naked DSL2 for $70 a month for the same amount of data (20/20gigs) that I have now then I'd probably go for it. I'd retain VOIP as it costs $5 a month service fee and around $10 every 4-6 weeks for calls.
  18. Have a look at uSwitch.

    Pop in your details, & they'll tell you who will save you mulah.

    No fee charged.

  19. MMmm my mobile bill is $33 a month for $120 cap, i make any other calls from my work phone ^_^, most my calls are when i am out and about....
    suits my position atm
  20. Not what I've noticed since work switched to them! Got a 70% downloads used warning today & threats of a slower service. We have 9 users & never got one of these from telstra