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Had enough of no coverage

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Last week Mrs Hornet and self spent a week with some good friends in Bingara, about 160kms north-west of Tamworth, up where, as dad used to say, the flies fly backwards to keep the dust out of their eyes. A good time was had by all, except we were functionally uncontactable as Vodafone's coverage coughs out about 10 kays out of Tamworth and never returns.

    Monday-Tuesday this week, RC and myself went north to Port Macquarie, up the Oxley and down again, and then down the coast to home. Once again, despite being in much more populated areas for the whole 1,400-odd kms, Vodafone's coverage was woeful.

    You can't be uncontactable on the road, nor can you be unable to MAKE contact, so yesterday I went to the local (wait for it.....) Telstra shop, and bought a $99 pre-paid mobile with $30 worth of credit. I took the Long Life option; 6 months to use your available credit, plus, if you top up before expiry of the credit, you roll over your balance. Seems like a good option. Sitting in my local coffee shop this morning, I had two weak bars of service on the Omnia with Vodafone and full signal on the other Samsung with Telstra. When the contract on the Omnia expires, I'll head it some sort of plan with Telstra and keep my number.
  2. Yes we will convert all of you one day. Hornet your comments are something I hear everyday from our customers and is the reason that Telstra is the number 1 mobile carrier in Australia.

    To all the T bashers out there, I have heard it all and will not enter into a debate.:music:
  3. I made the swap from Vodafone to Telstra about 5 years ago for the exact same reason.

    Vodafone only works if you are actually in the city, standing in a cherrypicker, next to a phone tower and even then they make no promises. :p
  4. Next G is the only really good one for in the hills for coverage.

    I'm Voda aswell and its SHITEFUL:evil:
  5. Voda customer service is even worse than coverage, too. :twisted:
  6. Anyone got any experience of TPG phone service?
  7. I started with Vodafone then switched to Telstra for coverage when I was doing regional touring. I then switched back to Vodafone after flirting with Virgin for the mobile broadband (runs on the carrier's 3G network) because Telstra f*cked us around so badly (my partner and I both had mobiles and the broadband with T on the same account) Customer service was nothing short of appaling again and again.

    Now of course I've just moved house to Forest Lodge, and my living room is a dirty great 3G black hole. I have to go to the bedroom to get reliable broadband connection.

    My current thinking is that you can't win, you've just got to strike a balance that suits you best. Telstra may be better than most (all?) for coverage, but you pay for the reliability and they don't give two sh*ts about you if you have an issue.
  8. If its anything like their internet, then I'd expect it to be no better than having to massage a gangrenous foot with your teeth.
  9. What about Optus? Its "Yes G" 3G network has been expanding around Oz. It runs on 900 Mhz (Telstra NextG is 850 megs). What's it like for coverage?

    There is a new Nokia coming out that will run on Optus' 3G network. It looks cool but if the Yes G network isn't any better than say, Vodaphone which is also expanding, then I'd be wasting a lot of money for a glorified hand held computer.

    I'd probably opt for an iPhone with Telstra, even though it's more expensive and its data costs are horrendous.
  10. My provider is Virgin, who apparently leach off Optus, and their standard network is bloody hopeless. Eventually I will have to make the decision to go with either an Optus or Tel$tra compatible multi-band phone, and I'm not sure whether I want to take the gamble with Optus.
  11. 2nd with the TPG. By far and away, the worst net provider I've ever been with. Their customer service is woeful, and they aren't Australian based.
  12. Hey Hornet if you do change over to a Telstra plan, apply for an ABN (if you don't have one already) and go on a business plan - gives you a slightly cheaper call rate & connection fee, and different bonus options which might suit you better.

    Also keep your little Samsung and sign on for a Business Member plan, it will give you more included calls at a lower cost..... then just remember to avoid to call center stitch up kings when your contract comes due again.

    And any of you out there having trouble with your Telstra mobiles breaking down while you are in contract... send it away for repair three times within the first year and then you qualify for a multiple equipment failure and can have your contract cancelled without penalties.
  13. Optus & Voda don't have the bandwidth that Telstra has so cant match the Next G for speed, they also don't have the backhaul (connection from Base Station to main exchange) capacity which also affects their speed.

    They'll probably deploy 3G2100 as well as the 3G900 in the main country towns but that has limited range (<5km) but will help those in the big towns.
  14. As much as I loathe Telstra, I have been with them as my mobile carrier for years for exactly the same reason. They're the only carrier that gets decent coverage outside the cities.
  15. For me it's more coverage that I'm concerned about, not so much the speed of a data connection.
  16. There's a phenomenon called "Cell Shrinkage" which kicks in as the cell capacity is reached and the physical size of the cell shrinks so those further away cant make a call despite having a good signal strength indication.

    Telstra, having the greater bandwidth, has less of a problem than the others.
  17. Telstra are absolutely horrible to deal with, but we have all our vehicle phones with them because of the coverage.

    However, I want to get a decent phone/pda, but none of them seem to be any good for reception outside a metro area.

    Any suggestions?
  18. reception should have nothing to do with the device, just the provider??? hence my problem and my rather inelegant solution.....
  19. I will be following Paul's example and purchasing a pre-paid for when I'm on the road (which I am a lot).
  20. OF COURSE you can! What are you, 10-years old? Have you no experience of ever managing without a mobile phone? We did manage quite well you know, sometimes I think it was actually easier to contact people before they all got wired and connected.

    I would not sign up with Telstra if they were the last phone company on Earth - I'd rather go without, which would be quite easy in that case because without some sort of competition pushing them to lift their game their service would be unuseable anyway.