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Had an off...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Leakey, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Came of today after taking a corner too fast in the Nasho.

    Was wearing full gear, so just grazed both shins, but probably would have broke my leg/ankle or worse if not for the boots. Will need a new helmet too, it took a fair impact on the back of my head, and got grazed up a bit.

    It was a recommended 45km/h right hander, I went in a little too hot and so had to go wider than I wanted, the back wheel touched some leaves and that was it. My right leg was wedged under the bike, because the bike was wedged beneath the guard rail, but I got my leg out and looked over the bike. I would have ONLY damaged the rear brake pedal, but the guard rail tore the left side of the bike to shreds. Need whole new fairings, pedals, rear suspension is shot too.

    However, plenty of riders slowed or stopped to ask if I was OK as well as a couple of cars.

    One guy, Jim, followed me back near home because it was stuck in third (gear lever was snapped off).

    If any of you guys that offered help and stopped to check read this, thanks a million. I can't tell you how much it's appreciated.

    I'm on my L's, good lesson (was getting a bit too confident), but for anyone who doesn't wear full gear, you're flamin nuts.

  2. Glad to hear your ok, mend quick however more damage to the ego id say.
  3. Not nice, but could always have been worse; people don't fit under armco without a lot more damage. If you are in any doubt, get a medical check-up, if anything comes up with insurance later, you'll be OK.
  4. bugger mate, yeah the nasho was chicken soup today. its not an easy road even in good conditions.

    good luck with the recovery process mate.
  5. Glad to hear you're OK , at least you were smart enough to wear the right gear. I rode through the Nasho today (probably overtook you :wink: ) and it was very slippery, as expected.

    Obviously you need to slow down; better if you enter the turn much slower, power through and roll the throttle on as you're exiting. The result will be a much faster, and safer, turn.
  6. OK, not being from sydney what's Nasho????
  7. Its the Royal National Park, just south of Sydney. Almost like a temperate rainforest and there are permanant wet patches due to some spots not getting much sun. Cars usually cruise thru there pretty slowly, lots of bends.
    I rode thru there on my L's and scared myself silly on one corner. Honestly thought I was going to kiss a tree.
    The guys (and I hope some girls) get some serious speed up thru there. In the blink of an eye I was being overtaken by some very skilled riders.
  8. Wow :eek: thatwas a quick reply. Thanks.
  9. No dramas....big day at work so im having a lazy DVD night..
  10. Chicken and leakey soup, by the sounds of it :p All dry on the way back mate, when it's slimey it's for cruising only and even on the dry days there's only a few sections where rolling on is safe.

    Quick healing Leakey.
  11. Cheers guys (and girls?) :)

    Yeah, it's really not a great road, and not the kind of road you want to take at speed. My mistake was just going in a bit too hot, which has been a good lesson, but there are some nutters out there (cars and bikes), but fast riders generally seem to be quite skilled whereas the fast drivers generally seem to be P platers
  12. Was that a right hander as your coming back towards sydney from the Gong side just after the back gate house turning right then going down hill?? next corner is a 45km left?
    With heaps of bits of bike fairing on the other side of the armco?
  13. Bugger, glad you not too bad, sometimes we ALL need reminding of the frailty of human life, sometimes it costs you a little. Good on ya for having the gear on, it really does make a difference
  14. having an off is a seriously crappy feeling! bike or car... glad you're okay
  15. Good you were wearing the right gear. Hope you get better soon. I guess it'll be over the next couple of days the aches and bruises will start to show.
  16. ^^ Hope you mend soon champ.
  17. ha, you got off pretty lightly considering you tangled with armco. it will probably make you a much smarter rider in future, i believe a few small lucky crashes early on can save you a really ugly one later.. also my 2 cents, give the nasho a miss,i dont rate it as a road at all. more bumps than a macdonalds car park..
  18. Dude that sucks! Glad to read that you're mostly ok.

    By the way, what does "a bit hot" mean? 50km/h, 60km/h, 90km/h... juz curious is all...
  19. Good to hear you're ok mate, that's the main thing! :)