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Had an off ...thanks netriders.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Hey guys. Just wanted to say thanks to those who stopped at Cockatoo today. Came up towards a roundabout and saw a car entering to my right so thought I'd brake - as you do - and for some reason when I braked the bike didn't want to stay upright..it got the shakes so I released the brake and braked again and I fell on the ground and the bike fell on me - my left foot to be exact.

    In a lot of pain lying on the rd and couldn't get the damn bike off me. people pullled up and helped me off the rd and moved the bike. Lying there in a lot of agony thinking my foot was smashed to smithereens (that's how it felt). They rang an ambo and I rang Doit to see if he could come get the bike (and he dropped everytghing to do so). Looked up to see Realm and Carver and Minna and b'f? and Andrew standing around...was nice to see their faces that's for sure.

    Can't get over how helpful people are...they (netriders/strangers) looked after me and kept me warm when I was freakin out about my foot.

    Ambo's came and checked my foot. By then the pain had subsided. Checked to see if I could walk on it and I could...checked to see if I could change gears with it...and I could (although it hurt like absolute hell!).

    Decided I'd ride home with Andrew and Realm following to Koo Wee Rup. Steve (doit) and Coralee turned up - sent them back home to their fireplace....(thanks guys :) ) and rode home.

    Bike had minimal damage - foot saved it from anything bad. A bent gear lever and scratched clutch. Netriders fixed that....thanks again guys.

    Not sure why the hell I came off there. Saw the car and perhaps panicked...but I don't remember panicking until the bike actually slid and shook. Not sure what the hell happened. :(

    Off to docs tomorrow...can hardly stand on it. :(

  2. Yeah , coz you could have been one of those gun toting 'bikies' for all they knew! :p :LOL:

    Glad you're OK Rosie. And crash you can walk away from is a good one.
  3. all that and not a thought for stump? [i guess it wouldnt av been a nice thought] :LOL: :LOL:

    glad you're ok
  4. Ouch!!! Hope the foot/ankle doesnt give you too much grief, be prepared for abit of swelling. Glad that you came out of it ok. Getting my foot caught under the bike is one of my greatest fears (that trapped feeling).
  5. Sorry to hear Rosie :cry: Hope you get well soonest :)
  6. BAAAAD girl!!!!!!

    It’s good to know your mostly ok though.....just remember it hurts and don’t do it again....and again and again ok? Or we will have to punish you lots. o O (make her cook at the next NR Christmas BBQ) ops bugger did I think that out loud
  7. Ohhh Rosie I can so relate to the not understanding what happened as i was exactly the same with my fall, I was sure I stopped and missed the car in front and next thing I know the bike is gone.

    Its a big shock and you must have been so worried with your foot
    hope your not too sore tomorrow
    hop in a hot bath with lectric soda crystals

  8. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

    I went for a run this afternoon, and 200 metres in I did a tumbler over some sunken pavers... :(

    Gosh-tootin' darn that Campbelltown City Council. :evil:
  9. Damn Camhornet :( - everything ok? Perhaps contact council about it?

    Thanks guys. And to think I'd just spent the weekend riding up to Bright and back...along an array of filthy muddy and icy rds... and managed to keep it upright. :LOL:

    Foot's pretty sore - have got ice on it atm...doc's tomorrow
  10. Hang on a minute......................

    An accident at a roundabout!

    Where's the MRAA? :LOL: :p :p :p
  11. ohhhh noooo :cry: sorry to read this Rosie.
    Glad to hear you are relatively ok, and that your bike didn't sustain any serious damage. Don't forget to report it to the police, for TAC stuff. My ankle is still giving me a bit of grief from my tunnel incident on the way to your place back in march. The physio has me doing exercises but gawd its taking it's time to get back to 100%.
    Expect a bit of brusing to develop by the morning.

    I hope you foot heals fast and you are back out there ASAP.....
    I hope this wont cause you to miss the Tintaldra tip in a fortnight, I will be lonely up the back without you :wink:

    *Big hugs* for you Rosie,
    I hope you have pain relief handy(BUNDY)

    I agree with your sentiments re NR's being a great bunch when your hour of need arises. It's comforting to know there is help/support from far and wide. I know I'm not exactly local, but if I can help in anyway let me know... even if its just an ear I am here or is that hear ;) :)
  12. Shit babe. NFG.
    Get to a cop shop and log it for TAC ASAP! that way if something is damaged your ass is covered (and what a nice ass :grin: ).

    All the best chicky, just call if theres anything i can do. xoxo
  13. Glad to know that your foot isnt broken! Guess the bike must of just "placed" itself ontop of it :p
  14. Whoops! Don't do that again ya goose. Time for some emergency braking practice?
  15. sorry to hear rosie.....hope the foot heals ok.......
  16. Sorry to hear about your oops Rosie, I hope you feel better soon. :cry: :)
  17. Sorry to read/here hope u feel/get better soonish
  18. Thanks guys...cops turned up and took down details etc.

    Loz...I don't know why it happened... I'd already changed down gears coming down to the roundabout...and was braking and going pretty slow...saw the car and applied more brake to come to a stop (and I had enough rm to do so) and the bike just went haywire - has me confused as to why...there was oil on the rd (noticed this after off) but I can't remember if I was braking on it or not....or whether I applied too much brake or what. :(

    Caz..I hope it's healed by Tintaldra too.

    Also, before anyone turned up, I was lying there on the rd freakin a bit cos I couldn't get the bike off me and I see a bike go through the roundabout - I'm thinkin 'here's help' and they just kept on going.... :(
  19. Oh dear, bad luck. Hope you feel better soon.

    As for your ankle, make sure you keep it iced and elevated. It may feel nice to have it warm in a bath, but that is the worst thing you could do. It will just create more internal bleeding, which you don't need. Ice it for 20 minutes, take it off for 10, put it back on. Keep doing that.

    Fingers crossed it's just bruising and there isn't any significant damage.
  20. Glad ya ok Rosie and glad it wasn't worse ie traffic involved. The brake thing sounds like a worry, maybe get ya brakes fully checked out?? Does some one more knowledgeable than me know why brakes would appear to do this??