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Had an Accident :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cbwolf, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Had my first serious accident on the bike last night.

    Was heading out to dinner down Koornang road in SE Melbourne when an oncoming P plater wanting to turn into a street to the left of me turned across straight infront of me. I braked as hard as i could but still managed to collect his rear bumper which sent me flipping over the car (According to witnesses i managed to do 2 complete rotations in the air) and landing about 5 metres away on the other side.

    Results, bike is a write off and i have a broken ankle, bruised ribs, sprained wrist and bumps and bruises - i reckon i got off very lightly! Very lucky in my opinion as it could have been worse.

    Called the police and got witness info. The little fella had only been driving for 3 months and lost his license for failing to give way, careless driving and causing bodily harm or something or other. Either way, no driving for him for a year. I then proceeded to spend the next 6 or so hours in hospital which was great fun.

    Anyway, i only have 3rd party on my bike but he has insurance too which is good. He's admitted fault and i have a police report etc etc so shouldn't be a problem. I called his insurance company but they told me he hasn't made a claim yet, so i need to contact him to make a claim and then i can talk to the insurance company for damages.

    Anyway, being my first real accident, what damages should i claim? The obvious being my bike and helmet. But can i also claim my mobile phone which was broken during the accident, and my boots/gloves/jacket which were all damaged? Not exactly sure how all of this works.

    Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Contact your insurance company, they should have a legal section that can assist you.
  3. Can't help you with the claim, but just wanted to say you're a lucky b*astard. Things could have been much worse. Hope you're back on the road (on a new bike) soon.
  4. Can't help you with insurance stuff, but I wanted to applaud you for the two flips.


    Here's hoping it's all sorted out quickly and fully, and that ankle doesn't give you too many problems in the future.
  5. Doooooooooood!! That sucks!!

    Hope you mend quickly mate.

    I'll let the legal eagles respond about what you can claim for.

    Now that you've had time to think, what are the roadcraft lessons for you from this incident?

    :rofl: @ Loz
  6. Claim all the gear that was damaged, it is all relevent to the accident.
  7. ouchh.....sounds like it was a beauttttyyyyy of a off... hope you get it all sorted out quickly.......+1 to what rob said, after a accident all see what you can take from it to hopefully avoid it in the future
  8. Glad that you are able to mend after your accident, hope it's a speedy recovery.

    You can claim all your gear, from head to toe, plus replacing the bike. Keep copies of Doctor reports, Police reports etc, in case there is a problem with his insurance. Also keep a diary with anything that you can't do or could have been caused by the accident - loss of wages, pain and suffering, having to get driven around by your partner/friend, and if you have to go thru legal crap, you'll have paperwork to back up your claim.

    Again, speedy recovery, cbwolf, thank your angel for protecting you.

  9. Thanks for the replies guys.

    lol @ Loz. I kinda which i could have seen it myself, couple of kids on the side of the road at the time came running up saying it looked "Awesome". So it must have looked alright lol :D

    As for what i can take from the accident. I'v been driving for 7 years, so this has just once again confirmed to me to treat everyone on the road like a moron. The speed limit was 60, i was doing 50 and riding carefully. Sometimes theres just nothing you can do.
  10. Glad you got off lightly.
    You can claim for anything at all that was damaged as a result of an accident that is 100% the other party's fault. You are not expected to suufer any loss without recompense.

    It's only when you are at fault, and you try to claim for personal effects/geart etc on your own policy, that there will likely be limits on what your insurer will pay.
  11. Bad luck about the stack and 10/10 for the acrobatics.
    I hope you were not trundling along like you were in THIS post.
    Legitimately claim as much as you can. If its damaged in the off it should be claimable.
    I think MG is in the business he should know.
  12. Send a letter to the insurance company, with CC and copy to the guy you hit. Advise the replacement cost for the bike and any/all gear that was damaged and that you want prompt payment. Also advise where they can view the bike and gear for their assessment. Don't wait for the guy to make a claim, that is between him and his insurance company.

    You are entitled to full RRP of a replacement bike for same model and year, and conditions, and new replacement on gear. They will tell you otherwise for the gear and try to claim 2nd-hand values etc. don't stand for that and threaten to take it to court in necessary. The will give you new price RRP on the gear because it's cheaper than court.
  13. happy you are still with us and lived to tell the story
    now you got that acco out of the way heal up and get back on a bike!
  14. I actually called their insurance company and they said that the other person hasnt made a claim yet, so i'll need to contact him to make a claim and then the insurance company will contact me to get details apparently.

    Sound right?
  15. yikes!

    what was your speed before impact?

    edit: out of interest, what came outta ya mouth before impact?

    so, um, if this was the OP's only mode of transport, can he get the other guy to pay for a rental or whatnot?

    wonder if he knows how close he was to killing somebody!?

    heal up.
  16. Lucky for you that regardless of your speed, the other driver has committed an offence which puts him flat in the liable seat.

    I'd bet my bottom dollar though that you were going quicker than the speed limit. Thought maybe your recent speeding fines may have been a wake up call but perahps you have now.

    I hope you mend back to 100% and get back on two wheels sooner rather than later, andmaybe a little smarter. Best of luck with the claim.

  17. Give him a fair go Hubie, he said he was doing 50 in a 60 zone, and he hasn't lied about his other fines. Quite the contrary.

    cbwolf, you should have come along to the Wednesday night Spanner Night, and your whole life might have played out differently. :twisted:
  18. And that is an example of the reasons that we still have difficulties with obtaining accurate motorcycle crash data. The automatic assumption that the rider was speeding or doing something wrong. If a cop who is himself a rider, posts here and has heard what the guy said is still capable of an automatic reaction like that then how will we ever get any accurate information recorded from police who turn up to a crash and who don't have a motorcycle background - and in many cases have a definite anti-bike prejudice? :evil:
  19. No, not unless the rider claims from his/her own insurance company. The other parties insurance is primarily for their insured.
  20. ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

    Jesus Christ Hubie, talk about the typical jumping to conclusions that the government road safety bodies always do! What a silly statement, unless of course you know something that we all dont?

    When are the police/government going to learn that there are causes of accidents other than speeding? YES, thats right, contrary to what you've been taught Hubie, there are other causes of accidents.

    What appears to be a clear case of a driver failing to pay attention and pulling out and hitting a bike, and thats the dribble you come up with???